Wulf Dorn Book summary, subject and review

Wulf Dorn Book summary, subject and review

Who is the playmaker? Who is the author of the playful book? What is the theme and main idea of ​​the playful? What does the playful book tell? Do you have a playful PDF download link? Who is Wulf Dorn, the author of the playful book? Here is the playful book summary, lyrics, comments and review…


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Writer: Wulf Dorn

Translator: Regaip Minaret

Original Name: Dunkler Wahn

Publisher: Pegasus Publications

ISBN: 9786053432449

Number of pages: 384

What Is The Playful Telling? Subject, Main Idea, Summary

I always think of you, soon you won’t be able to get me out of your mind either…

Psychiatrist Jan Forstner unexpectedly receives roses from an unknown origin. Thinking at first that the roses came from a fan reading her book, Jan soon makes a connection between the horrific murders in the town and the anonymous letters and gifts left on her doorstep. When he receives a phone call from a woman he does not know, who confesses that he is deeply in love with him, he realizes that he is being followed at all times. And worst of all, there is no way to stop this woman…

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Playful Quotes – Lyrics

  • You’ve never looked into the dark, that is, you haven’t really looked. It is thought that all blacks are intertwined there, but the longer one looks there, the more things one sees in it.
  • … I love you when you don’t even know about me.
  • “Can you imagine? Someone hears a dying person’s cries for help and closes the door so they can comfortably watch the TV. God, what has this world come to?”
  • … I miss loving him.
  • It was as if he had withdrawn into his inner world because it was the only shelter where he could feel safe.
  • The human soul lives in secret galleries, and if it was broken, it would be silent. The fractures were only visible after it was too late.
  • You are abnormal, this dream was saying. Your inner world is terrible. People are scared of you.
  • The happier you were before, the more it hurts when you lose.
  • “Jan, look, what will happen if it doesn’t decrease? I say, if it doesn’t succumb to a world where love and logic predominate, and continues like that…”
  • “What’s the use of having a splendid cover if there’s nothing but empty air in it?”
  • All is fair in war and love.
  • There were some things that were better expressed without the use of words. “
  • It was a pit of horror. A dark, icy, carrion cellar.
  • Besides, I love you when you don’t even know about me.
  • The happier you were before, the more it hurts when you lose.

Gamer Review – Personal Comments

I was someone who could more or less predict the ending because I read too many crime and psychiatry books. However, I was very surprised at the end. The book was very moving and gripping. The ending was legendary. If you are looking for a book that includes both crime and psychology, you should definitely read it. Moreover, it is one of the rare books dealing with multiple personality disorder. (Ayşe Kibar)

An average book for lovers of psychology and crime in one. I was also not surprised that the ending ended in a way I never expected. The imagination of the author is another. While reading these, I can’t help but wonder if such characters exist in real life. In short, an average book. The language is very simple and the book is very fluent. 7 out of 10:) (Sümeyye)

Do you have a playful PDF download link?

One of the most popular searches on the internet for the Wulf Dorn – The Playful book is the Playful PDF link. Most of the paid books on the Internet have PDFs. However, illegally downloading and using these PDFs is both illegal and immoral. If the PDF is sold, you can download it from the publisher’s website.

Who is Wulf Dorn, the Author of the Book?

He continued with the short stories he wrote in his summer life, which he started as a reporter.

In a short time, he produced works on the subject of horror-thriller. His works have been admired by the masses in Italy, Denmark, Greece, France, Poland, Turkey and the Netherlands.

Wulf Dorn Books – His Works

  • Psychiatrist
  • Schizophrenic
  • playful
  • My treacherous heart
  • Phobia
  • Nightmare
  • Trauma

Wulf Dorn Quotes – Lyrics

  • “+Do you believe everything adults say? -I don’t believe everything, but my mom was right most of the time.” (Nightmare)
  • Maybe looking to the past will help you find your way back to the future.Phobia)
  • Rumors are cruel. It settles in people’s minds and they comfortably wait until they accept it as fact. (Schizophrenic)
  • “Pain is the only real emotion.” (Psychiatrist)
  • … I miss loving him. (playful)
  • Sometimes a person is good at lying to oneself for so long that they eventually begin to believe their own inventions. (Psychiatrist)
  • “What do they say? What thinks it is something ceases to be a thing.” (Schizophrenic)
  • … I have a headache, I feel a little sorry for myself, and I feel like I’ve failed. But other than that I’m fine. (Psychiatrist)
  • Getting old is a blessing but getting old is a curse… (Trauma)
  • “The book is like a good friend. It is always with you in good and bad times, it opens the doors to new worlds for you. Open the cover, and then your soul.” (Trauma)
  • I am afraid of people. The things they can do. (Phobia)
  • “Sometimes a man is so good at lying to himself that he finally begins to believe his own inventions.” (Psychiatrist)
  • “We are all born to die one day, and often that end is sooner than expected.” (Phobia)
  • “The most dangerous is a child who has lost hope. There are many difficult moments in a child’s life, but they should never be allowed to lose hope.” Alfred Adler (Trauma)
  • I wanted to pull my hands away, but I couldn’t. Now only these hands were protecting me from falling into the abyss. (My treacherous heart)
  • I don’t have anything a cup of coffee wouldn’t fix. (Psychiatrist)
  • “…it feels very painful to be cut off.” (Phobia)
  • It’s hard to miss something you’ve dreamed of. But missing something you know and know is much harder. (My treacherous heart)
  • It’s hard to miss something you’ve dreamed of. But missing something you know and know is much harder. (My treacherous heart)
  • Besides, I love you when you don’t even know about me. (playful)

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