WHO: 30,000 Ukrainian refugees suffer serious trauma

WHO: 30,000 Ukrainian refugees suffer serious trauma

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World Health Organization (WHO) Polish officials announced that approximately 500 thousand people who fled from Ukraine since the beginning of the Russian occupation needed support for various mental health problems, especially trauma, and 30 thousand people were seriously affected.

Health officials in Ukraine report that newcomers complain of mental health problems as well as extreme tiredness and dehydration, while many people travel for days without their medication and experience difficulties.

According to Reuters, WHO Poland official Paloma Cuchi said many Ukrainian immigrants to Poland suffer from diarrhea and thirst, but most need support for trauma.

WHO states that millions of people who had to flee Ukraine do not know when they will be able to return and when they will see their spouses, sons and fathers who cannot leave the country, and this causes very serious mental health problems.

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