WHO: 147 attacks on health centers in Ukraine

WHO: 147 attacks on health centers in Ukraine

world Health Organization (WHO) The war with Russia continues Ukraineannounced that 147 attacks have been carried out on health centers in Turkey so far.

Speaking at the press conference at the United Nations (UN) Geneva Office, WHO European Spokesperson Bhanu Bhatnagar said, Ukraineevaluated the current state of the health system and the Organization’s medical assistance in the region.

Bhatnagar, WHO’s UkraineNoting that he had sent 218 tons of emergency aid and medical supplies to Turkey, he noted that the 15 generators planned to be distributed to the hospitals in need this week will be delivered to the relevant regions within the day.

Since the beginning of the war on February 24 UkraineSharing the information that there were 147 attacks on hospitals, clinics and other health centers in Turkey, Bhatnagar stated that at least 73 people died and 52 people were injured in these attacks.

Bhatnagar emphasized that WHO’s medical supply chain is disrupted in some regions due to the intensifying conflicts, and they are concerned about being able to continue aid to those in need.

6 million people need food and money

On the other hand, speaking at the meeting, UN World Food Program (WFP) Ukraine Emergency Coordinator Jakob Kern noted that the humanitarian situation in Ukraine is getting worse.

Kern emphasized that as of now, approximately 6 million people in Ukraine are in the middle of the humanitarian crisis and need food and money, and warned that this number will increase as the conflict continues.

Informing that WFP has delivered food aid to 1.7 million people in Ukraine since the beginning of the war on February 24, Kern stated that 60 thousand tons of food aid, which will be sufficient for 2 million people until June, has been sent to the regions in need.

Emphasizing that 1.4 million of the 1.7 million people who received aid are civilians, Kern said that over 100 thousand civilians in besieged Mariupol need food and water, but cannot access aid.

Reminding that Ukraine is the world’s fifth largest wheat, third largest corn and sunflower exporter, Kern said, according to the estimations of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), 20 percent of the wheat and corn fields in Ukraine cannot be planted in July due to the war. He also stated that it will have a negative impact.

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