Video Guide: How to Install MacBook Pro 2012 Big Sur

Video Guide: How to Install MacBook Pro 2012 Big Sur

Under normal circumstances, MacBook Pro 2012 model does not support macOS Big Sur version. However, with a patch prepared by a developer, we have successfully installed macOS 11.6.5 Big Sur version on a 15” Core i7 2.3 MacBook Pro Mid-2012 device with A1286 code.

Step by Step Big Sur Installation

  • 00:00 – We installed RAM and SSD in the device
  • 00:15 – Pages and numbers Big Sur is a must for
  • 00:31 – We start Big Sur installation: USB stick required
  • 00:47 – Patched Wall we are downloading
  • 01:06 – Running Patched Sur
  • 01:32 – Patched Sur is open, we are moving forward step by step
  • 01:46 – Downloading 11.6.5 Big Sur version
  • 02:10 – The contents of the USB stick will be erased
  • 02:21 – Solution: Error 1×246
  • 02:35 – Format USB stick with Disk Utility
  • 03:00 – We select the USB stick again
  • 03:27 – What to do after the USB stick is ready
  • 04:00 – USB stick ready, we reboot the system
  • 04:15 – First step select EFI Boot
  • 04:30 – Open by holding down the Option key and say Install macOS Big Sur
  • 05:27 – Big Sur installation completed
  • 05:49 – Patching drivers with Patched Sur
  • 06:32 – WiFi works fine
  • 06:54 – Safari 15.4 update
  • 07:15 – Fully updated macOS Big Sur ready
MacBook Pro 2012 Big Sur
MacBook Pro 2012 is running the latest version of Big Sur.

Will Updates Work?

The most important question is, will Big Sur updates work after this process? Answer: Yes. Big Sur is currently no longer receiving major updates. It just gets security updates. After we installed it, a security update was released and we were able to install it on the MacBook Pro without any problems.

Is WiFi working?

Patched WallIn the previous versions of , users had problems connecting to the wireless network, but with the new version released about 20 days ago, there are no problems. The device can detect and connect to wireless networks without any problems.

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