Turkish World Communication and Art Symposium is Held

Turkish World Communication and Art Symposium is Held

With the cooperation of Niğde Ömer Halisdemir University, Turkish World Journalists Federation and Turkish World Culture, Art and Cinema Foundation, the international “II. A symposium will be held under the name of “International Turkish World Communication and Art Symposium”.

Menderes Demir, Member of the Organizing Committee and Member of the Federation of Journalists of the Turkic World, made the following statement.

“The “II. The International Turkic World Communication and Art Symposium will bring together artists, academics and scientists engaged in scientific studies in all fields of communication and art.

In the second symposium, the first of which was hosted by Amasya University in 2019 under the name of “International Turkish World Press Symposium”, it was decided to expand its scope and change its name.

“II. International Turkish World Communication and Art Symposium”; Azerbaijan Baku State University, Azerbaijan State Civilization and Fine Arts University, Al-Farabi Kazakh State University, Kazakh T. Zhurgenov National Art Academy, Kyrgyzstan-Turkey Manas University, Uzbekistan Giants National Academy, Uzbekistan Journalism and Mass Communication University, Karabuk University, It is directly supported by Bozok University, Selçuk University, Gümüşhane University, TRNC Near East University, North Macedonia Fund, European American University, Cinema and Art Foundation, Niğde Journalists and Writers Association.

Through the symposium; It is aimed to discuss academic issues in the field of communication and art, to share mutual experiences, to create common research methods, to reveal current issues, to determine future perspectives of scientific research and to lay the groundwork for joint projects in the Turkish World in the future.

It is expected that the symposium, which will accept papers on all kinds of issues in the field of communication and art in the context of the Turkish World, will be instrumental in bringing together artists, academics and scientists, contributing to the production of qualified information and presenting new perspectives.

The scientific studies presented at the symposium, where the participants can apply with papers written in all dialects of Turkish, English or Russian, will be published as e-books towards the end of 2022.

Scientists who want to participate in the symposium will be able to get comprehensive information about the symposium from the symposium web page at www.utdiletisimvesanatsempozyumu.com, which broadcasts in three different languages ​​as Turkey Turkish, English and Russian.

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