TUMBİKON and Bahçeşehir University organized a joint workshop

TUMBİKON and Bahçeşehir University organized a joint workshop

TUMBİKON and Bahçeşehir University organized a joint workshop

Turkey’s current political and social issues and solution proposals were discussed.

TUMBİKON President Akay: “We contribute to solving the country’s problems with science and reason”

All Bureaucrats and Business People Confederation Bahçeşehir University held a joint workshop

İSTANBUL – TUMBİKON and Bahçeşehir University organized a joint workshop. The subject of the workshop held at the university was ‘International Workshop: Current Geopolitical and Social Issues of Turkey and Solution Proposals’.

All Bureaucrats and Businessmen Confederation and Bahçeşehir University organized a workshop titled ‘International Workshop: Turkey’s Current Geopolitical and Social Issues and Solution Proposals’. Experts from non-governmental organizations working on migration and strategy from the UK, France and universities in various cities of Turkey participated in the workshop.

TUMBIKON Chairman Cevdet Akay, in his speech, stated that Turkey is experiencing various problems due to immigrants and asylum seekers from both Syria and other countries, that they aim to address the problems of the country in various fields in cooperation with scientists and universities, and to convey the opinions and solution proposals to the relevant authorities. expressed.

Can Çobanoğlu, Director of TUMBIKON National and International Center for Social and Economic Strategic Studies and Deputy Chairman of TUMBIKON, also gave a speech at the workshop. Çobanoğlu emphasized that it is necessary to look at Turkey’s problems from a strategic perspective.

Bahcesehir University Rector Advisor and International Leadership Application and Research Center ULMER Government Leadership School Director Prof. Dr. Esra Hatipoğlu, on the other hand, stated that we are going through a process in which the meaning and function of geopolitics in international relations have changed.

Bahçeşehir University Head of Sociology Department and Director of Society, Health, Behavior and Prevention Center TOSAM Prof. Dr. Nilüfer Narlı pointed out that they are pleased to cooperate with TUMBIKON, an NGO umbrella organization, and that the various effects of migration problems on the social structure should be thoroughly investigated and solution proposals should be put forward by making use of expert opinions.

Making the last of the opening speeches, Bahçeşehir University Vice Rector Prof. Dr. Made by Tunc Bozbura. After expressing his satisfaction that his universities are hosting such a workshop, Bozbura emphasized the complexity of the problems in the social field and emphasized the importance of benefiting from the opinions of valuable academicians and experts who participated in the workshop.

After the opening speeches at the workshop, four sessions were held. The title of the first session was ‘Geopolitical Issues in the Context of the Post-Covid-19 New Normal’.

prof. Dr. The session moderated by Esra Hatipoğlu was attended by Assoc. Dr. Uğur Yasin Asal from Bahçeşehir University, Prof. Dr. Sedat Aybar from Istanbul Arel University, Dr. Faculty Member Selma Şekercioğlu Bozacıoğlu and Özyeğin University Prof. Dr. Nuray Ekşi attended.

The second session was titled “Geopolitical and Social Risks in the Context of Transnational Human Mobility”. In this session, moderated by Murah Lehimler from Istanbul Topkapı University, Dr. Faculty Member Zeynep Banu Dalaman, Prof. from the United Kingdom International British School. Dr. İbrahim Sirkeci and Prof. from Van Yüzüncü Yıl University. Dr. Orhan Deniz presented his papers.

The topic of the third session was ‘The Geopolitics of Social Inclusion, Adaptation and Prevention Policies’. This session was first attended by Prof. SceincesPo from Paris. Dr. Catherine WIHTOL DE WENDEN joined via zoom link. Other participants are Assoc. Dr. Gülay Uğur Göksel from Yeditepe University, Prof. Dr. Melih Görgün and Lawyer Mahmut İsal from the Minerva Business and Human Rights Association.

In the fourth session, the subject of ‘Capital and Labor Flow from Syria to Turkey, Economic Opportunities and Risks’ was discussed. Can Çobanoğlu moderated this last session. Turkey Economy Ömer Kadkoy from the Policy Research Foundation TEPAV, Dr. Faculty Member Çağatay Sarp presented his papers. Virtual presentation of Ahmet Hüseyin Abay from Hatay Reyhanlı Chamber of Commerce was watched.

The topics discussed and underlined in all four sessions are that the world order is changing, geopolitics will assume new meanings and functions, perhaps its definition will change, that migrations and regional and global problems have changed and transformed the economic and social structures of countries, that there are more losers than winners in these changes. It was stated that they should develop strategic approaches and policies instead of tactical and tactical policies.

Making the closing speech of the workshop, Prof. Dr. Nilüfer Narlı said that there was a useful workshop process and that the papers will be published as a book. prof. Dr. Narlı also emphasized that he would make the necessary introductions and presentations in this work and other academic article studies on the solution proposals by making use of the opinions and papers presented at the workshop.

Cevdet Akay, who thanked the scientists, experts, NGO managers and everyone who contributed to the workshop, stated that they will continue to work tirelessly to find solutions to the country’s problems by continuing to receive the support of the TUMBIKON Academic Board, which consists of more than 200 professors, and science.

TUMBİKON and Bahçeşehir University organized a joint workshop

TUMBİKON and Bahçeşehir University organized a joint workshop

TUMBİKON and Bahçeşehir University organized a joint workshop

TUMBİKON and Bahçeşehir University organized a joint workshop

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