Traditional Ramadan events started in Democracy Square – I dedicate

Traditional Ramadan events started in Democracy Square – I dedicate

Ramadan events organized by Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality started in Ramazan Book Street, which was established on July 15 Democracy Square. The traditional Ramadan Book Street, which was re-established after the pandemic and is the meeting place of our citizens with books every Ramadan, opened its doors to its visitors with a ceremony.

It will add meaning to Ramadan evenings

On the Book Street established on July 15 Democracy Square, valuable second-hand booksellers, bookstores and publishing houses will meet with book lovers. At the same time, concerts and different activities will be held in the event truck located in the square. There are also ceramic, calligraphy and marbling workshops on Book Street, which will add meaning to Ramadan evenings with different activities, while Metropolitan Municipality, Çözüm Deskası, Belpaş, Sera A.Ş. and Fidan A.Ş, Department of Culture and Social Affairs, Department of Youth Services and Sports, will be the focus of attention of the visitors.

President invited to Supreme Book Street

The opening ceremony was attended by President Ekrem Yüce, AK Party Provincial Chairman Yunus Tever, Provincial Mufti Hasan Başiş, Metropolitan Municipality Secretary General Mustafa Ak, Deputy Secretary General Assoc. Dr. Furkan Beşel, SASKİ General Manager Yiğit Turan, SESOB President Hasan Alişan, Headmen’s Federation President Erdal Erdem, council members, Metropolitan and SASKİ bureaucrats, press members and many visitors attended. President Ekrem Yüce, who toured the Book Street, which was opened with prayers, chatted with the second-hand booksellers and invited all citizens to the Book Street, which will host different events. The first day in Kitap Street ended with the performance of the mehter team.

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