Thomas Tuchel burns his players!

Thomas Tuchel burns his players!
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Roller coasters. For ten days, Chelsea has been going through all the states. On April 12, the English experienced immense disappointment after their elimination in the Champions League quarter-final against Real Madrid, despite their 3-2 victory in the second leg at the Santiago-Bernabéu stadium. Then, the Londoners found a smile on Sunday following the success against Crystal Palace in the semi-finals of the FA Cup (2-0). They were hoping to build on their momentum last night in a hot London derby against Arsenal. An important meeting in the race for Europe.

Tuchel has it bad

But the Blues lost 4-2 at home to the Gunners. A defeat that has not passed at all for Thomas Tuchel. In a press conference, the German technician let go. “It was a totally crazy, open game in the first half. It was 2-2 and we came back twice. We got off to a good start but still gave away the first goal, it’s impossible to do these things. But we do”. Then, the former Paris Saint-Germain coach added a layer.

“The number of consecutive errors in games here at home is impossible at this level. You must not see this. It’s just impossible, but we’re doing it right now and you can’t win football matches like this (…) Look at the penalty… There’s no tactics behind it. We have three stray bullets in ten seconds. Then we make a mistake where there is not even the slightest danger. We foul someone, it’s a penalty and we lose six minutes to equalise. What is there to analyze? There is nothing to analyze..

The German shoots his players

Reassembled, Tuchel continued: “To say it’s hard to play on the pitch here may seem like an excuse, but it’s a very, very difficult pitch we have here. It does not work in our favour. The ball bounces very awkwardly past Andreas when he wants to play that ball. But still, we made the same mistake against Real Madrid which cost us the next round of the Champions League and this one cost us the game (…) We conceded seven goals here against Brentford and the Real Madrid. It’s not just about individual players. A defensive performance is a team performance and an offensive performance is a team performance..

Finally, he ended his press conference thus: “this is the game for the players. They all receive praise when they play like in the last three matches (3 wins before Arsenal, editor’s note). And they have to face the reality that it’s impossible to win matches if you make so many mistakes of this caliber. It’s just not possible. I haven’t seen this in any other game before and now I see it in several of our games and it has to stop.”. A good push to his players from Tuchel.

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