The number of attacks on health centers in Ukraine rose to 108

The number of attacks on health centers in Ukraine rose to 108

Speaking at a press conference at the United Nations Office in Geneva Bhanu Bhatnagar, Spokesperson of the World Health Organization (WHO), He conveyed the latest state of the health system in the region and the latest developments in medical aid.

Bhatnagar has stated that since the beginning of the war on February 24, the WHO Tracking System of Attacks on Health Services confirmed 108 attacks on health centers in the country.recorded and these attacks At least 73 people were killed and 51 injured.He shared his knowledge.

The eastern and northern cities are in greatest need of assistance.

Emphasizing that WHO continues to provide medical supplies, Bhatnagar stated that they have sent 216 tons of emergency and medical supplies to the region so far.

Bhatnagar underlined that 122 tons of these aids were delivered to the eastern and northern cities most affected by the war.

Stating that they are doing their best to reopen the WHO office in the capital, Kiev, Bhatnagar said, “It is extremely important that we are in the capital. Thus, we can reach the neighboring regions to meet the medical needs here and be in contact with government officials more often.” said.

Bhatnagar also underlined that they plan to expand their activity centers in Dnipro, which was heavily affected by the war.

Emphasizing that medical aid will continue in Ukraine, Bhatnagar noted that 15 generators and 20 ambulances will be provided to some hospitals in the coming days.

590 million dollars call for aid from the World Food Program

Bhatnagar stated that as of now, 300 health centers are on the conflict line, more than 1000 centers have been evacuated due to conflicts, and health services are disrupted in these areas.

On the other hand, in a written statement from the World Food Program (WFP), it was announced that 590 million dollars of aid is required to provide the necessary in-kind and cash aid for 3 months to 3.1 million people affected by the crisis in Ukraine.

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