The Girondins win the match of fear and keep hope

The Girondins win the match of fear and keep hope

Bordeaux is no longer last in Ligue 1

The Girondins go back to 19th, just 1 point behind Saint-Etienne, 18th and who currently occupies the place of roadblocker. The Bordelais will also play against the Greens in 10 days so nothing is lost for maintenance. Metz, on the other hand, sinks to 20th place and falls a little further behind.

It’s over, Bordeaux won 3-1

It is the first victory for Girondins since January 23 and a match against Strasbourg. David Guion wins his first success in 7 games at the head of Bordeaux. The Bordeaux people are not dead.

Mensah for Hwang!

The South Korean is a little short to take over the center of the Ghanaian. The double was not far off.

4 minutes of added time

The people of Bordeaux began to attempt technical gestures, galvanized and now confident.


HWANG SEALS THE DATE OF THIS MATCH! On a corner from Adli, Caillard misses his exit. It benefits Hwang, alone behind him, who places a header in the empty goal. 3-1 for the Girondins, who are heading for the first victory since January.

Pajot’s head!

On a free kick from Boulaya, the ball returns to Pajot, who places a header at close range but stumbles against his Kouyaté, his own teammate.

The catastrophic exit of Poussin!

The Bordeaux goalkeeper is trapped by a long clearance. Fortunately, the Messins do not manage to quickly put the ball towards the empty goal.

Hwang warned for simulation

The South Korean had done well in the box, but then simulates contact with Bronn. Yellow card.

Niang gives way

Changes on both sides. Nguette replaces Candé for Metz. On the Girondins side, Adli and Mara replace Niang and Dilrosun, the two most decisive players of the day.

10 minutes to hold for Bordeaux

David Guion’s first victory may be at the end of this match.


On a cross from Candé, Delaine takes over from the left at the penalty spot. It goes just over Poussin’s goal, it was the 2-2 ball.

New change for Metz

Yade replaces Kana-Biyik.

Niang’s attempt!

Dilrosun finds Niang perfectly in the meantime. The Bordeaux striker strikes low to the ground but it is captured by Caillard. No double for the moment for Niang.

2nd goal of the season for Niang

David Guion had made the bet today to start Mbaye Niang for the second time this season only. Winning bet since the striker scored his second goal of the season.


NIANG RELEASES BORDEAUX! Mangas finds Mensah deep on the left side. The Ghanaian crosses immediately for Niang, who throws himself and deflects the ball into the Messin goal. 2-1 for the Girondins just over 20 minutes from the end of the match.

Niang collapses in the box

He apparently suffered a tripped leg at the edge of the penalty area. He asks for a penalty but the referee says nothing, neither does the VAR.

Mafouta against Poussin

The Messin striker stumbles on the Bordeaux goalkeeper, but an offside is signaled whatever happens on the action.

Gregersen hit again

He leaves and returns directly to the locker room, having already been touched in the first period. He is replaced by Mensah.

The return in extremis of N’Doram!

Niang had passed and he had looked for Dilrosun in the middle of the penalty area. The Messin intercepts the pass at the last moment, but Metz suffers.

Mafouta replaces Lamkel Zé

The Messin striker was very useful, beyond his goal, his first with FC Metz.

Deserved goal for Mangas

The Bordeaux left side is one of the best players today, very active on his side. He makes differences on the ball and is precise in his crosses and his passes. This goal rewards his successful performance.

Hwang’s Attempt!

It is framed but capped by the Messin goalkeeper.


BORDEAUX RETURNS TO THE SCORE! Dilrosun once again carries danger. He tries to find Hwang inside, but a Metz defender deflects the ball. It comes back to Mangas, launched, who shoots on goal. His attempt is also countered but it ends in the back of the net. 1-1.

Manga for Niang!

The center of the Bordeaux left side is good, after a good counter-attack. But Niang cannot take the ball with his head, hampered by a defender.

First corner for Bordeaux

David Guion’s players leave with the same offensive ambitions as at the end of the first period.

Here we go again

The Girondins de Bordeaux kick off the second half.

Boulaya comes into play

He replaced De Préville at the start of the second period.

479 minutes without scoring for Bordeaux

The last goal of the Girondins dates back to February 27 against Clermont.

It’s the break, 1-0 for Metz

Bronca from Bordeaux supporters but it’s cruel. The Girondins had a good first period, with lots of opportunities. They lacked realism in front of goal and were punished against the run of play by the Metz goal from Lamkel Zé.

Bordeaux tries to project itself quickly

The Girondins want to have one last chance to equalize before the break.

Kouyaté warned

The Messin made a mistake before the corner was taken for Metz.


The recovery of Niang misses! Found at the end of a game in one touch of the ball in the area, the Bordeaux striker tried his luck after a chest control. It’s not far, Bordeaux insists.

New Dilrosun Acceleration

He pierces the Metz defense but loses the ball on his last touch of the ball. He is the one who creates the most Bordeaux side.

Dilrosun makes the difference!

It is often through him that the good deeds of Bordeaux pass. Found in depth by a superb pass from Onana, he goes to the line to try to cross back but he is countered by the Messina defense.

Things are heating up between Lacoux and Lamkel Zé

Yellow card for both. Lacoux had foul on the Cameroonian striker, but the Messin then reacted excessively.

The parade of Caillard!

Ahmedhodzic’s head is narrowly deflected by Caillard for a corner, it was hot. Bordeaux is once again dangerous.

Baysse and Adli warming up

David Guion may be planning to switch systems at the break. Metz’s goal and Bordeaux’s injuries broke the rhythm of the game and halted the dynamic of Bordeaux, which was very positive at the start of the match.

Gregersen back in action

Leaving the playing area for a moment, the Bordeaux defender resumed his place.

Gregersen does not get up

The Norwegian defender is being strapped on the field, the game is stopped. In the meantime, Lacoux does come into play to replace Pembélé.

Pembélé replaced, Gregersen touched

It is the carnage among the Bordelais. In two minutes, two defenders are affected. Lacoux will come into play to replace Pembélé, while Gregersen is treated on the field.

Lamkel Zé for his 2nd match only

The Cameroonian striker, who has just arrived in Metz, played an hour against Monaco last week. He therefore scored his first goal with the Messins in his second match, in a capital meeting.


METZ OPENS THE SCORE AGAINST THE COURSE OF PLAY! The MEssins play the corner obtained by Sarr in two stages. Lamkel Zé is well placed at the reception of the center and his header is impeccable to deceive Poussin. 1-0 for Metz, it’s cruel for the Girondins.

Sarr’s attempt!

Metz finally gets out of his camp and Sarr unleashes a low shot that embarrasses Poussin. The Bordeaux goalkeeper deflects for a corner.

Niang in the area

On a second ball after an eccentric free kick, Niang tries to follow up but he scrambles a bit in traffic and cannot shoot.

Metz unable to keep the ball

As soon as they have it, Frédéric Antonetti’s players swing in front and return possession to the Bordelais.

Niang in the small outside net!

Another good Bordeaux reversal, from Hwang to Niang. The Girondins striker fixes the defender and tries to hit at the near post, but it’s just wide.

Bordeaux put the ingredients in this game

The first 10 minutes of the Girondins are successful, with intensity, play and two big chances. We must now maintain this level of play.


IT WAS UNMISSABLE! On a Bordeaux corner, Pembélé strikes near the surface. His shot is missed but turns into a pass for Guilavogui, alone at close range, who tries his luck but stumbles on the Metz goalkeeper.


Good sequence of the Girondins who pass from one side to the other and settle near the Messina surface. It ends with a very good cross from Hwang and a header from Onana that goes just above.

Good acceleration from Dilrosun

The attacking midfielder from Bordeaux provokes the ball and progresses. He is mowed down by N’Doram and gets a good free kick.

Hasty start to the game

A fault on Onana, another on Pajot. The start of the match is marked by intensity, both teams want to show that they are there.

Let’s go to Matmut Atlantique

The kick off is given by FC Metz. Woe to the loser this afternoon, but the winner, if there is one, will retain a hope of survival.

Niang, 2nd tenure with Bordeaux

The first time was during the slap received in Rennes 6-0, last January. Recall that Niang played his first match with Bordeaux in October 2021. He is currently looking for his 2nd goal with the Girondins – the 1st came in the defeat against PSG.

Bordeaux do well against Metz

What give a little hope to the Girondins this Sunday afternoon.

Bordeaux and Metz have not won since January

The last victory of the Girondins in Ligue 1 dates back to January 23 against Strasbourg. For Metz, it’s slightly older since it was January 16 against Reims. We are therefore approaching three months without a win for both teams.

Metz with De Préville and Lamkel Zé but without Boulaya

The composition of Metz: Caillard – Delaine, Bronn, Kouyaté, Kana-Biyik, Candé – N’Doram, Pajot, Sarr – Lamkel Zé, De Préville.

Bordeaux without Elis, injured, but with Niang

Hit in the knee, Alberth Elis is not on the score sheet. Jimmy Briand either, not fully recovered from a right calf injury.

The composition of Bordeaux: Poussin – Pembélé, Gregersen, Ahmedhodzic, Mangas – Ignatenko, Guilavocui, Onana – Dilrosun, Hwang, Niang.

Kick off at 1 p.m.

Bordeaux receives Metz at Matmut Atlantique for a death match between the last and the 19th in Ligue 1. The winner, if there is one, can come back to within one point of Saint-Etienne, 18th and current provisional barrage.

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