The elegant and wise teacher of the food and culture table: Günay Kut | Dogan HIZLAN

The elegant and wise teacher of the food and culture table: Günay Kut |  Dogan HIZLAN

An interview with Günay Kut by Özge Samancı was published in the ‘Spring’ issue of Food and Culture.


Being a very important name for Turkey and the world with his numerous works in the field of Ancient Turkish Literature, spending most of his time in the colorful world of manuscripts, and touching the lives of many students in history and literature at Boğaziçi University, Prof. Gunay Kut He is primarily known in the fields of writing science, literature, literary history and Istanbul city history.

Gunay HodjaManuscripts and sources, which constitute a touchstone in the field of Turkish culinary culture, have come to light among the precious works of .

His mastery of manuscripts and old Turkish has illuminated the path to Ottoman food history.

Gunay Kutdear wife Turgut Kut He taught us that the history of Turkish food culture should be taken seriously.


in the magazine Enis Batur‘s text: ‘The Gender Struggle in the Kitchen’. Immanuel Kant He always wanted someone to be at his table, except for the women.

Artun UnsalA quote from: “The kitchen in many homes in Turkey is dominated by our women, especially those who do not work outside.”

mahide My aunt used to compliment my middle aunt like this:

“Mehlika, you cook well like a male cook.”

Ozge Samanciwrote on salep, which I love very much: ‘Short Notes from History on Salep.’

Now I don’t come across salep much in cafes, coffee dominance has made me forget it.

Salep is known as a kind of hot sherbet in Ottoman culture as a beverage. Cooking the saleb in copper pitchers with sugar like paluze, adding spices and rose water, ‘Comfort, body health, delicious’ it is sold by shouting.

Musa Dagdeviren – Unforgettable taste of my childhood ‘sahlep’I introduce:

“The name of the tuber is used as ‘salep’. Today, both words are used for its drink. In our neighboring Arab countries, it is known as ‘sahlep’ or ‘zahlep’.”

Kamuran Çilenti‘s text: ‘A Taste of the Past / Soil Needs Care’.

‘The Kitchen Front of War’at the Aylin Dogan, He took a section from the Turkish Woman magazine:

“Reverend housewife, remember this and always know that we are in the era of war… There is not much pleasure and grace in war.”


Musa DagdevirenSeven recipes from forgotten folk dishes from:

Leg Soup (Noodles and Lentils)

Dry Fried Eggplant with Yogurt


Sour Duck Closure


Roasted Mushroom Pickles (Kanlıca Mushroom)

Turmeric Lettuce Salad

‘Tastes from the Archive’ – Gökhan Akçura

‘A Journey to Istanbul’s Food Culture’ – Pırıl Kadırgan

(Quarterly Magazine / Spring 2022 / Issue 67 / 55 TL.


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The Selection Committee also Ebru Baybara Demir‘e Gastronomy Culture Labor Award, Ali Akbar YildirimHe decided to give the Special Jury Award to…

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