SK Hynix Aims to Establish Joint Venture for ARM Acquisition

SK Hynix Aims to Establish Joint Venture for ARM Acquisition

British chip designer ARM is at an important point in the technology world. If you remember, US-based NVIDIA sat at the table to buy ARM and an agreement was reached between the two companies. While regulatory bodies around the world prevented this agreement, it was ultimately canceled altogether.

ARM, on the other hand, seems to have different suitors. South Korean memory chip maker SK Hynix is ​​planning to form a consortium of investors to buy the British company. Yonhap According to the news agency, Park Jung-ho, vice president and CEO of SK Hynix, said:

We are reviewing the process of forming a consortium with strategic partners. I don’t believe ARM is a company that can be bought by a single company.

This news follows NVIDIA’s failed attempt. The US Federal Trade Commission, the UK Competition and Markets Authority, the European Commission and the Chinese monopoly authority have previously expressed concerns about the NVIDIA and ARM deal.

SoftBank, owner of ARM, is preparing to submit the company to the Nasdaq stock market. As is known, chips based on ARM intellectual property are used by the world’s largest technology companies. It’s not just giants like Apple and Samsung, but ARM licenses play a role in industries as diverse as cars and supercomputers to automation.

We will see the steps to be taken by South Korea-based SK Hynix in time. In case of a possible agreement, a long process may await ARM.

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