Shadow Women – Naşide Gökbudak Book summary, subject and review

Shadow Women – Naşide Gökbudak Book summary, subject and review

Who is the Shadow Women? Who is the author of Shadow Women? What is the theme and main idea of ​​Shadow Women? What is the book Shadow Women about? Shadow Women PDF download link? Who is Naşide Gökbudak, the author of the book Shadow Women? Here is the Shadow Women book summary, lyrics, comments and review…

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Writer: Naside Gokbudak

Publisher: Nemesis Book

ISBN: 9786059961547

Number of pages: 352

What Are The Shadow Women Telling? Subject, Main Idea, Summary

Four very different women. Four different worlds, four separate lives…

One came from the heart of Anatolia, the other left his life in Italy; one is trying to forget the hardships she experienced because of her religion, and another is about to lose her husband.

The only thing these four women have in common is a luxury apartment in Istanbul’s Üsküdar district.

As you read the stories of women from these four different cultures, which are neighbors to each other, you will surely find something familiar to you.

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Shadow Women Quotes – Lyrics

  • “There is no nail in the world. A woman needs to read more than a man. Because she will raise her children. She will educate them. She will not send her child to door-to-door neighbors for the simplest question. She will be aware of what is going on in the world.”
  • You know, when it rains, sometimes there is thunder, you know, lightning comes after you. Here’s something like that.
  • You know, when the stars are flashing, you know, when a star falls and one feels a rush, you know, that’s what it is.
  • “Fear of the future makes one feel that the roof over his head may collapse at any moment, and that he may be left in the open or under the roof.”
  • “In the distance, the pain is more painful, the joys pass without much experience, without leaving a trace.”
  • “In some cases, crying was the most appropriate, most comforting response.”
  • Youth was a strange thing. With a single glance, he could be happy and fly into the air, and with a word his world could darken. Because he had not yet struggled with the difficulties of life, had not been betrayed, had not defeated the right, had not tasted real pain.
  • The weather was very nice. Rome was beautiful. Being young was the best.
  • The days, months, and years went by so quickly, without noticing, like the wagons of a train, stuck one after the other, that when people stopped and thought about it, they were surprised how and when they lived so much time. Because everything that happens in human life ‘It was like yesterday!’ it was told. These yesterdays could turn into a lifetime in an instant.
  • Istanbul is a city that cannot be explained with everything, incomprehensible, constantly complained about but never given up.
  • Trust is the greatest bond between two people.
  • Many families would return from their summer resorts to their holiday destinations before their children started school, and the population density would suddenly increase and the traffic would intensify. I guess despite everything, living in Istanbul is a privilege that no one could give up.
  • The weather was beautiful. Rome was beautiful. Being young was more beautiful than anything else.
  • Youth was a strange thing. He could be happy with one look and fly into the air, with a word his world could darken. Because he had not yet struggled with the difficulties of life, had not been betrayed, had not defeated the right, had not tasted real pain.
  • Trust was the greatest bond between two people.

Shadow Women Review – Personal Reviews

Four women, four stories, their lives advancing by touching each other… Zehra and Mesut and Fatma and Niyazi set out from Harput, Adelye and Merdan from Midyat, and Jülide and Kenan from Italy. The characters who are life partners to each other met in Dostlar Apartment in Üsküdar district of Istanbul. A warm story about how they got close to each other while different storms were blowing in each of their homes.. (sibel murat)

Although the font size was quite complex, both the subject and the language of expression were magnificent. I think she is Turkey’s Debbie Macomber. The female figures are extremely realistic and the narration that reflects the emotions of the characters to the reader was excellent. I highly recommend it, a must read. (my family and my books)

Hello my 1K friends 🙂 Shadow Women; It tells the stories of four couples that we all meet at some point in our lives, starting with their love. I read hard. My dear teacher Naşide uses her language so beautifully that while reading the lives in the story, which we can call ordinary, I read it with curiosity. To be honest, all Naşide Gökbudak’s books have always fascinated me, in this context, my humble advice is that those who haven’t read it can try at least one. There have been many places where I wondered what I would do without realizing it, questioning it… It ended with both beauty and bitterness… I would recommend it to my friends who love this style. Stay with love 🙂 (ESRA KADIOGLU)

Shadow Women PDF download link?

Naşide Gökbudak – Shadow Women PDF link is one of the most popular searches on the internet for the book Shadow Women. Most of the paid books on the Internet have PDFs. However, illegally downloading and using these PDFs is both illegal and immoral. If the PDF is sold from the publisher’s site, you can download it.

Who is the author of the book, Naşide Gökbudak?

He was born in 1937 in Perçenç (Akça Kiraz) village of Elazığ province. He completed his high school education at Elazig High School. While studying at Ankara University Faculty of Law, he had to leave his education unfinished due to some family reasons. He settled in Istanbul. Gökbudak, who still lives in Istanbul, is married, has two children and three grandchildren.

His books:

Ms. Sıdıka-2003

Real Name Atiye-2005

Miralay’s Daughter Sureyya-2005

I’m Not a Thug-2005

Don’t Say Goodbye to Me (poem)-2005

Perina’s Story-2006

Waterfall’s Doll-2006



Naşide Gökbudak Books – Works

  • Feraye
  • perineum
  • Ms. Sıdıka
  • Miralay’s Daughter Sureyya
  • Real Name Atiye
  • Humeyra
  • Mr. Rahmi
  • Sirma’s Diary
  • How many years have passed
  • Waterfall’s Doll
  • Fuchsia
  • Contrary Love
  • Mihrimah
  • Another Me Inside
  • Where are you, Waterfall?
  • Shadow Women
  • My Heart Remains in Damascus
  • Dürrüşehvar Sultan
  • Tree of Memories
  • Despite You I Loved Love
  • When White Roses Bloom
  • Drying White Roses
  • If I don’t love, I’m Soulless, If I Love, I’m Like Unhappy
  • Farewell
  • Love Finds Its Way
  • Flying Broom

Naşide Gökbudak Quotes – Lyrics

  • “Even the astrologer cannot know what is inside the closed box. Unless we open the box, all that is said remains a guess.” (Tree of Memories)
  • No one can replace a very good friend. (Fuchsia)
  • “Oman-eyed trump, one of the hardest jobs in life is trying to convince the other person what you don’t believe in.” (Miralay’s Daughter Sureyya)
  • Ah, those Turkish women. Their love is endless, their sacrifices and ambitions too… (Feraye)
  • They didn’t even hear the sound of their footsteps. Because their hearts were louder. (Feraye)
  • Almost no government is able to stand behind its promises when it comes to power. (My Heart Remains in Damascus)
  • They say that too much of everything is harmful, too much in his mind was harmful and sometimes it could be useless to people. So why do people go after more of everything? (Mihrimah)
  • But life can be lived as long as you hope. (Dürrüşehvar Sultan)
  • After getting to know you, it was impossible to love anyone. It didn’t. (Sirma’s Diary)
  • “Perhaps the most difficult and the most wearisome of the wars was the confrontation of a person’s mind and logic with his emotions, and a fierce conflict. It was necessary to have a very, very strong character in order for the mind to win. It was beautiful.” (Contrary Love)
  • In order for a person to be proud, he must have a handful of earth to step on, a morsel of bread to eat, a bowl of water to drink and a branch to cling to. (Real Name Atiye)
  • We lived our childhood and youth together. I shared many things with him that I could not share with you. I shared my youth with him. That is, what people have; but the most beautiful thing that I could never realize was why it was valuable in time; my youth.; . (Miralay’s Daughter Sureyya)
  • Because those who do not know the past cannot walk the right path to the future and cannot make the right decisions. (Humeyra)
  • O Allah, give me human love and mercy. (Dürrüşehvar Sultan)
  • Fatherhood does not happen by not starving. A father, especially mother, should support his children morally. It should give them a love to believe in and a trust they can’t doubt. (My Heart Remains in Damascus)
  • People, especially the little ones, cannot trust and love the person they are afraid of. (Tree of Memories)
  • The pear falls to the bottom. (Humeyra)
  • “Again I am looking for the impossible among the impossible” (Contrary Love)
  • The jealousy of people who are even at peace with themselves from time to time, or the evil they can do, were always ineffective in the face of devotion and love. (Love Finds Its Way)
  • Istanbul is a city that cannot be explained with everything, incomprehensible, constantly complained about but never given up. (Shadow Women)

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