Risale-i Nur teaches us how to reflect the Qur’anic civilization to life.

Risale-i Nur teaches us how to reflect the Qur’anic civilization to life.

Istanbul Science and Culture Foundation and Cooperation with the Association of African Asian Universities with 17-23 March University rectors, faculty members, heads of schools and experts from many countries attended the study meeting held in Istanbul between

In intensive meetings that lasted for a week; “New education reform in solving contemporary problems in today’s world” and “New languages ​​and methods that will appeal to today’s world and education communities, based on the views of mujaddids who have left important traces in the history of Islamic thought” It was discussed.

Notes from the speeches:


prof. Dr. Enver Gitsitiş / Dean of the Faculty of Islamic Sciences at the International University of Serbia:

“Unfortunately, we are used to blaming others or members of other religions while explaining the negativities we have experienced and seen. Some of this may be true, but we should review our own deficiencies and mistakes and start correcting ourselves.

Unfortunately, all the teachings and books written in the name of Islamic education until today have been a repetition of each other. It is incapable of solving today’s problems. When we explain these to the students, the student stands before us. For example, the issue of slavery is still described in fiqh books. Our scholars could not complete these books according to the needs of the day.

The old books have always come from the hands of men. The elements that will bring solutions to today’s issues and needs, from domestic violence to child and mother education, are unfortunately not found in the repetitions of the old procedures. It cannot be adapted to the development of technology. Students trust the Google teacher more because the youth can easily find what they are looking for there. Of course, there are suitable solutions for today’s problems in the Qur’an and the Sunnah. They should be kept in the internet world.

For example, Ali Hodja, a Syrian scholar, did not have a beard. “Why don’t you have a beard?” was asked by those who saw that he was beardless. The answer he gave to the question is interesting: “If I hadn’t cut my beard, I would have lost my head”.


Until now, I had only heard of Said Nursi, I had not considered his books. In these meetings for two days, I realized that there are very important things in this book for the salvation of humanity.

Hopelessness pervaded our world. When we look at the works and life of Bediuzzaman, I understand that the hope and horizon he gave us is actually in our roots and in our veins, and that we need to reveal this with Risale-i Nur.

Even though my Arabic is not good, I wanted to end my speech with this poem:

If we are an ummah, we are the highest among the ummahs.
And our flag is flying in the sky.
If we are looking for light, our light is Bediuzzaman.
I wish great mercy to our master Said, who gathered us under this blessed roof.
We stand like dwarf people in front of his photograph.
His efforts were not wasted and are passed on from generation to generation.


prof. Dr. Reşid Tabbah Sasi / Tunisia Zeytune University

Risale-i Nur saved the identity of Islam from being completely erased in Turkey and in the world of Islam. The civilization that Bediuzzaman Said Nursi and Risale-i Nur presented against western civilization is obvious. “Unfortunately, cruelty, injustice and violence inflict great wounds in the world; doing damage. I believe that those who persecute do not believe in the afterlife. In fact, we, as seekers of solutions to problems, should first of all work to strengthen belief in the Hereafter.

Bediuzzaman has a special place in contemporary Islamic thought. Bediuzzaman is a barrier built against the currents coming from the West.

Risale-i Nur does not see human beings as only material things. It shapes both material and spiritual.

Risale-i Nur teaches us how to reflect the existing beauties of the Qur’anic civilization to life and reminds the ummah of its history.

Here, I would like to thank the Istanbul Science and Culture Foundation, because with its activities, it really brings solutions to the problems of our time from the pharmacy of the Holy Quran. He does this through the Risale-i Nur.

Of course, when we say Risale-i Nur here, we see that it is not only a book consisting of a single subject such as history, politics, sociology, but also a science that contains the essence of all sciences.

And I think the importance of Risale-i Nur is that it has common human values ​​that people need.


prof. Dr. Musa Recep / Rector of Libya Sheikh Sunusi University

“We came to find and buy what we don’t have from the Istanbul Science and Culture Foundation.”

prof. Dr. Intisar Sigayrun Al Zeyn / Sudanese Higher Education Council President

“Education reform should be started not only from universities, but from kindergarten.

The old Said sought the solution in politics, like the majority of the ummah, but the new Said says, “The solution is not in politics, but in contemplation of the Qur’an.” Those who want to make an innovation in Islamic thought should look at the books of Bediuzzaman.

This was not just a commemoration program, it was like a complement to our program. We have been talking about the project of transforming Bediuzzaman’s thoughts into the curriculum for a week. I hope other people can benefit from the steps taken here, as we have benefited.

There are great differences between Bediuzzaman’s understanding of civilization and the civilization lived today. An urgent roadmap is needed to close the gap between humanity and the Qur’anic civilization it deserves. We will work tirelessly, I hope we will succeed.

Istanbul Science and Culture Foundation, With these programs, it not only promotes the Risale-i Nur, but also leads the way in finding solutions to the common problems of humanity through scientific and academic studies. I am very grateful for that.


Said Yüce, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Istanbul Science and Culture Foundation

“The education model that is valid in the world today, unfortunately, originates from the West, including the Islamic world.

This system, which completely cuts off God, that is, the creator, from the universe and education, unfortunately tells us that everything came into being through nature, coincidence and causes. Much can be said about the negative consequences of this system. A perception of the universe detached from the creator is unfortunately the source of many negativities. Objects and human beings, who are told without seeing the manifestations of the Names on the beings, are considered as idle and meaningless beings. “Since the universe has no owner, then I have no owner, then I can do whatever I want” He acts with his thought. All the crimes we complain about today; The source of violence and injustice stems from the absence or weakness of belief in Allah and the Hereafter. Many things that are told in science and social sciences books taught in schools are actually true, but there is a big deficiency. “Made and administered by whom?” questions have no answers.

Of course, while doing all these, the methods of pedagogy and educational technologies and the views of experts should be used.

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