Report 9/10 – Necip Fazıl Kısakürek Book summary, subject and analysis

Report 9/10 – Necip Fazıl Kısakürek Book summary, subject and analysis

Whose work is the report 9/10? Who is the author of the report 9/10 book? What is the subject and main idea of ​​the report 9/10? What does the report 9/10 book say? Report 9/10 Is there a PDF download link? Who is Necip Fazıl Kısakürek, the author of Report 9/10? Here is the report 9/10 book summary, words, comments and review…

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Writer: Necip Fazil Kisakurek

Publisher: Big East Publications

ISBN: 9944144049

Number of pages: 136

What Does the Report 9/10 Say? Subject, Main Idea, Summary

The 9th and 10th book of the report series…

Report 9/10 Quotes – Lyrics

  • Where is the measure to solve the mystery between donkey freedom and human freedom?
  • I can’t say nation, malady! the same nation in the pull. that state is eternally shedding sweat of death. The misery called revolution that has turned from an elephant to a mouse. Edict with seven heifers, disgrace against seven heifers. Consciousness is a grain of sesame, heedlessness of Uludag. It’s not a head of onion, it’s a head of hair. Assault on honor, destroy spirit and order. Intimidation is a Muslim, a disgrace to a communist. Ignorance with diploma nestled in school. A singer is a woman, justice in the casino. The nasty opposition that does not accept the toilet. The treacherous and sinister convict cibillet is a child of the adulteress generation who is also a bastard in Turkish. Law is a simple cuckoo, his freedom is a disgrace. And the Islamic party is indeed a sign. Kufre concession hearth, disgrace to those who vote. They cut the ticket to the moon as heavy industry. The national solution is delirium, the national vision is a ghost. All this loyalty to the right, all the proxy to the public? A harbinger of collapse, at best this state of affairs. At best, this state of affairs is a sign of Doomsday. Do right from the tomb Fatih! Come settle the case! Show which is the law, bail on eternity. Whatever, parents, come tell your mother.
  • Who does not have honor, even if I do not say anything, it is my duty to state that it exists in Türkeş.
  • The world is full of people who are either blindly admiring who can’t be held accountable, or who are in love with polarity, who see their souls hurt.
  • Our suffering, the condition of Muslims without suffering…
  • Would there be freedom against the doctor in the hospital, against the commander in the army, and against the teacher in the classroom?
  • No outside enemy can be as dangerous as this sincere fake friend of committing Islam.
  • Reis Bey: When you understand forgiveness, you will excuse everyone other than yourself.
  • – ” (…) Literature means everything… It means abstract and independent understanding… First of all, it is the way to reach the target of heavy industry and to be free from waiting for spare parts from Europe… This is literature!”
  • – ” (…) You shout out of the strategy of Islam, so that those who do not want to listen to you… Let the nation know and see that there is no one who listens to the truth, but there is one who shouts!..”
  • Under the awareness that today, at the root of our spiritual, moral, political, administrative, economic and moral crisis, we should look for nothing but the Jewish microbe, the Islamic world must unite on a plan to liquidate the Jew, at least from within and in the field of imperialism and oil resources.
  • – ” (…) A saying is attributed to Prophet Jesus: “Those who are not from us are the opposite of us; those who do not mingle with us disperse!” What a great word to express an opinion on a cause! Gentlemen! Whatever you are to be, but first get rid of the disaster of being nothing!..”

Report 9/10 Review – Personal Comments

Report 9/10 Is there a PDF download link?

Necip Fazıl Kısakürek – Report 9/10 PDF link is one of the most popular searches on the internet for the book Report 9/10. Most of the paid books on the Internet have PDFs. However, illegally downloading and using these PDFs is both illegal and immoral. If the PDF is sold from the publisher’s site, you can download it.

Who is the author of the book, Necip Fazıl Kısakürek?

Ahmet Necip Fazıl Kısakürek (born 26 May 1904, Istanbul – died 25 May 1983, Istanbul) is a Turkish and Islamist poet, writer and intellectual.

Necip Fazıl is known for his poetry book “Sidewalks”, which he published at the age of 24, after his poetry book Spider Web, which he published at the age of 21.[2] Until 1934, he was known only as a poet and was among the leading names of the famous Bâb-ı Âli. After meeting Abdülhakîm Arvâsî in 1934, he went through a great change and said, “…I was overwhelmed by such a social struggle and a move to tire the community that I could no longer work.” define as.

After this date, he held conferences in many cities of Turkey, lawsuits were filed against him because of his words in the conferences he organized, and as a result of these lawsuits, the Büyük Doğu Magazine, which published about the Great East Movement, was closed 16 times during its publication life, Necip Fazıl’s works collected and published.

Necip Fazıl Kısakürek Books – Works

  • Suffering
  • Light Descending to the Desert
  • Creating a Man
  • Him and Me
  • Mr. Chief
  • Lie in the Mirror
  • Faith and Action
  • Religious Oppressed People of the Last Era
  • Head Paper
  • my stories
  • Seed
  • Ideolocya Knitting
  • Patience Stone
  • Western Contemplation and Islamic Sufism
  • Perverted Arms of the Right Way
  • Yunus Emre
  • Insanity Mustatili
  • Wooden Mansion
  • Believer – Unbeliever
  • The World Awaits a Revolution
  • Fake Heroes
  • Hazrat Ali
  • Abdulhamid Han
  • Sublime Porte
  • Socialism, Communism and Humanity
  • Ibrahim Ethem
  • Great Khan
  • hello
  • Prophet’s Ring
  • Money
  • The Man in the Black Cloak
  • Sufi Gardens
  • Bloody Turban
  • My dear Istanbul
  • Fingerless Salih
  • Holy Trust
  • Atlas of Faith and Islam
  • Key point
  • Reckoning
  • my defenses
  • Janissary
  • Bediuzzaman Said Nursi
  • Tag
  • Nur Blend
  • What I Heard From God’s Servant
  • Great Oppressed Throughout History
  • Longing for Istanbul
  • Friend of the Homeland, Sultan Vahiduddin
  • Turkey’s Landscape
  • Anger and Satire
  • Earthquake
  • 333 from the Guardians’ Army
  • Rabita-i Sharif
  • At’a Symphony
  • horizon line
  • 33 of the Chief Parents
  • Learn Your Religion
  • Cross
  • Resahat
  • Revolution
  • Meander in My Eyes
  • Muscovite
  • letter
  • Addresses
  • Speeches
  • National Poet Namık Kemal
  • my clerk
  • Worst Boss
  • Judaism – Freemasonry – Donation
  • Blessings of the Heart
  • Literary Courts
  • Villa Samark
  • Offense and Polemic
  • Report 1/2
  • Nasreddin Hodja
  • Frame 1
  • my poems
  • Namik Kemal
  • My editorials 1
  • Insanity Mustatili
  • Theater and Influence
  • Great Eastern Society
  • Report 5/6
  • Frame 2
  • Report 3/4
  • report 11/13
  • Report 7/8
  • Language and Literature
  • Report 9/10
  • Frame 3
  • Documents Speak
  • Accounting of Events 1
  • My editorials 2
  • My Script Novels (code38)
  • Big Door
  • Necip Fazil Bibliography
  • War Writings 1
  • Report 7/9
  • Frame 4
  • My editorials 3
  • Report 4/6
  • War Scriptures 2
  • Frame 6
  • Accounting of Events 3
  • Accounting of Events 2
  • report 1/3
  • Frame 5
  • Stories from Soul Troubles
  • 101 Hadith
  • Lie in the Mirror
  • Money
  • Two Addresses
  • Report Monthly Magazine-Book Issue 7
  • Me and Beyond
  • Necip Fazil Kisakurek
  • Golden Ring
  • Theater Works 1-2-3
  • Our Way Our Remedy
  • my stories
  • What I Heard From God’s Servant
  • Big East Magazine Issue:83
  • Yunus Emre – Bloody Turban – Money – Holy Trust
  • Selected Works
  • Big Door – Annex –

Necip Fazil Kisakurek Quotes – Lyrics

  • Joy that has no right to live for more than a second!.. (Stories from Soul Troubles)
  • You have announced whether I am dead or alive Your two eyes are two fountains Your hair has fallen white, Your face is wrinkled, Your eyes are on the road For now, I am neither dead nor alive, I am one of those who live today, I am one of those who will die tomorrow… (Big East Magazine Issue:83)
  • I locked myself in my room, I finished “Seed” after 7 days of work. (Speeches)
  • What kind of world is this, its story is difficult; Its place is a surface, its time is delusion. A whole universe linoleum decor A whole humanity surrenders to lies. (Faith and Action)
  • They said democracy, leaving the doors and windows open to others, which they had closed tightly only to Allah and His Messenger. He entered too! And the trouble that was in our heads manifested itself in a legendary state of headlessness and dereliction. (Report 1/2)
  • They say that we are propagating the Islamic system. Do you have a doubt? We don’t do this job alone, we live to do this job!.. (my defenses)
  • Since I am a person who lives in a dungeon in general, I write without worrying about decor. (Speeches)
  • “If you deliver this piece to the stage, Turkey will declare war with all Islamic countries until the last drop of blood.” And the country of democracy in France, although it cannot close the curtain of a private theater, has enacted a law, out of fear. This is how the man becomes, this is how the movement happens. (Theater and Influence)
  • Some say, “I love Allah, I am not afraid of him”. He does not know that fear is placed at the very center of love. Love is terrible; How can he who loves the top of the mountain not be afraid of the abyss? (Believer – Unbeliever)
  • Islam has been corrupted in Turkey and has been corrupted everywhere; It should be fixed in Turkey so that it can be fixed everywhere!.. (The World Awaits a Revolution)
  • Hamlet, in my opinion, is his greatest work; a work of melancholy… The story of a type who lost all social relevance by getting deeper and deeper in his soul and passed from the pole of suffering to the most intimate climate of his soul.. (Theater and Influence)
  • What touches human beings the most is not being invited to love what they don’t like, but being forced to give up loving what they love. (Hazrat Ali)
  • “It is spirit, discipline and knowledge that makes the Japanese victorious.” (Tag)
  • For you, my honored woman from university, the world you live in teaches you to respond to ideas with ideas, but you should save some lives. As someone who pulls a plug out of the box, you deduce the meaning of every idea, etc… Then you calculate the “paradox” instead of “axmaqlıq”, the judge who has cured your essence. (Selected Works)
  • Why do signs of numbness, love, and relevance on the big screen get more customers than the most majestic science books? (Frame 2)
  • “No deception can paint the face of truth.” (Money)
  • – What is that Selma, are you crying? – It’s simple… I cry all the time… I cry at everything… (Earthquake)
  • It is necessary to abolish and uproot the prisons and to condemn the convicted to work in one way or another in the work facilities under the command of the state. For example, in a mine for five years or so, in cargo transportation for three months and so on. (Documents Speak)
  • – You’re walking around without a hat! You have to wear a hat! Come to the station with us! That’s how much oppression happens. (Religious Oppressed People of the Last Era)
  • According to what a clean believer told me, on the night of her hanging, a pure and worldly Islamic woman saw the Messenger of Allah in a dream… The Master of the Universe extended her left hand to the woman… The woman, I wonder why Alemin Fahri gave me her right hand. While I was thinking, the answer came: I have Adnan in my right hand!.. This is a dream, it is not a religious hujjat in any way and it is only the truth as seen; its essence is known to Allah… But despite everything, it is a beautiful promise of hope for those who believe in the beyond and in the realm of mystery… If Allah made the lie that you protect Islam against you in that brain-wrecking and heart-piercing loneliness, you are a martyr. and you deserve the compliment of the Messenger of Allah… Farewell Mr. Adnan! I hope it will be a lesson for the new ones!.. Farewell!.. (Meander in My Eyes)

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