Pochettino announces Marquinhos’ package against Clermont and makes a new announcement on Mbappé!

Pochettino announces Marquinhos’ package against Clermont and makes a new announcement on Mbappé!

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Tomorrow evening, PSG can take another step closer to the title of champion of France with their trip to Clermont. Mauricio Pochettino was present on the eve of this meeting. The opportunity for him to discuss the hot topics of the Parisian club in remarks reported by RMC Sports. He notably announced the package of Marquinhos.

On Marquinhos’ package

“The whole group is affected by the elimination of Madrid. We were superior for 180 minutes in Madrid, except for a few actions that we could not manage. Marquinhos will not play tomorrow, he has had some muscle problems since the last games but because of his personal situation after the last few weeks he has lived (his wife recently gave birth). He is a regular player, he is our captain, a great footballer and a professional example”.

On the future of Mbappé

“When Kylian is in front of you, you will ask him the question. As a coach, we want the best for Kylian and the club. And the best for the club is that Kylian stays. It is also the best for Kylian. There is a negotiation”.

On Mbappé captain against Clermont

“Kylian like other players enter the reflection”.

On end-of-season goals

“The objective is to win the title, confides Pochettino on the club’s Youtube channel. The pleasure of playing is also important. Ligue 1 is a very competitive championship and we expect a difficult match in Clermont. the most important thing is to be ready to play at our best. Our worst enemy is us. The three points will be important”.

On the game against Clermont

“We know it’s going to be a very difficult game. We’re ready.”

On Mbappé’s passing role

“It’s a very clear case. When we arrived a year ago, he was not in his best moment but thanks to his work and his involvement and confidence, he turned things around. Kylian was able to demonstrate what a fantastic player he is. The most important thing is his involvement and his ability to turn things around. We just gave him the space so that he could have peace of mind and develop as a footballer”.

On the existence of clans

“I have nothing to answer to this question. There is no problem and I don’t like this question”.

On Neymar

“I don’t like this question either. PSG recruited Neymar for his qualities and they are there. He suffered from several injuries. He worked hard to come back and he needs rhythm, play like any attacking player to regain confidence. With time, he will be able to show it”.

On Sergio Ramos

“Sergio Ramos starting tomorrow? There are still a few hours to think about but it’s a possibility with the absence of Marquinhos”.

On the presence of young people tomorrow

“Verratti is back. There are Danilo, Gueye, Wijnaldum, Dina-Ebimbe. We have a lot of players in this sector. Michut and Simons will also be in the groups. We will see who will play. We hope that young people can have more of space and show their qualities”.

On the Classico next week

“An important week? It will be important tomorrow, we must also focus on it and we will concentrate on the shock (against Marseille) which is a very special match”.

to summarize

While PSG will travel to Clermont tomorrow evening, Mauricio Pochettino was at a press conference on the eve of the match. The opportunity for him to return to the hot news of the Parisian club.

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