Organized with the theme ‘Our planet, our health’ – Last Minute On İzmir

Organized with the theme ‘Our planet, our health’ – Last Minute On İzmir

The World Health Organization (WHO) decided to celebrate World Health Day with the theme of “Our planet, our health”. ‘Healthy Life Symposium’ was held in İzmir within the framework of the theme determined by WHO.

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On World Health Day, WHO calls attention to the urgent action needed to keep people and the planet healthy and to build well-being-oriented societies. Through the “Our planet, our health” campaign, WHO aims to raise public awareness. Within this framework, the Izmir Concept Vocational School (İKMYO) organized the Healthy Life in Concept Symposium for the second time with the title “Our Planet is Our Health”.

The opening speeches of the symposium, where experts in their fields shared their knowledge and experience, were made by İKMYO Director Prof. Dr. Derman Küçükaltan, WHO Turkey Representative Assoc. Dr. Tufan Nayır and WHO European Healthy Cities Network Scientific Committee Member, UNDP Health Sector Specialist Prof. Dr. Made by Emine Didem Evci Kiraz.

The titles of some of the sessions held at the symposium are as follows:

“We Are the Vaccine of Climate Change”

Instructor See. Ayşen Özmen İKMYO Medical Documentation and Secretarial Program

“Green Practices in Urban Logistics and Urban Transportation”

Dr. Instructor Member Özlem Koçtaş Çotur IKMYO Logistics Program

“Green Financing”

Seçil Yıldız / Deputy General Manager, Development and Investment Bank of Turkey

“From Preventive Health Services to Environmental Health Services”

Instructor See. Tülin Karakoç İKMYO Anesthesia Program

“Environmental Effects of Olive Blackwater and Biogas Conversion Methods”

Instructor See. Dr. Hasan Ateş İKMYO Environmental Health Program

“The Effect of Surgical Smoke on the Environment”

Instructor See. Sema Nur Yaman Çelik İKMYO Operating Room Services Program

“Tele Health”

Instructor See. Cansu Hazal Yanardag IKMYO Operating Room Services Program

“Environmentally Friendly Material Procurement and Practices in Operating Rooms”

Dr. Instructor Member of. Şule Olgun İKMYO Operating Room Services Program

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