North Macedonia, last obstacle on the road to Qatar – Dbrief and NOTES of the players (Portugal 3-1 Turkey)

North Macedonia, last obstacle on the road to Qatar – Dbrief and NOTES of the players (Portugal 3-1 Turkey)

Victorious over Turkey (3-1) this Thursday, Portugal will play in the final of the 2022 World Cup play-offs. To join Qatar, the Cristiano Ronaldo band will have to arrive at the end of North Macedonia on Tuesday.

Portugal is a victory for Qatar.

Portugal’s journey in these qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup is anything but a long calm river. Clearly blurred in Serbia, there is one, the 2016 European champion was very scared during the semi-final of the play-offs against Turkey (3-1), this Thursday Porto.

Despite a two-goal lead at the break, the Portuguese team lowered their foot and almost conceded the equalizer in the final minutes without a penalty missed by Burak Yilmaz. On Tuesday, Cristiano Ronaldo’s partners will meet North Macedonia to compete for the qualifying ticket to Qatar.

Otavio regale

Determined to make a difference between entry, the Portuguese exerted enormous pressure for a quarter of an hour. While Jota missed the inevitable one meter from goal, Otavio was much more inspired by finding the fault after a strike on the post from Bernardo Silva (1-0, 15th). A great start then not much for the locals, seriously jostled by sharper Turks and close to scoring three times by Kutlu, Yilmaz and Kk.

Over the minutes, the game was balanced. After missing several raises, the Lusitanian defenders tightened the bolts. The Turkish rearguard held firm, thanks in particular to an inspired Kabak in his interventions… until the break approached. Too short, the player passed by Schalke saw Jota fly away on a perfect cross from Otavio to double the lead with a surgical header (2-0, 42nd).

Yilmaz, from hero zero

Upon returning from the locker room, the 2016 European champion was unable to score this third goal which could have crushed his opponent despite two great opportunities for Bernardo Silva and Jota. It was even the opposite that happened since after a superb collective action, Yilmaz, served by nder, gave hope to his people by adjusting Costa with a shot from close range (2-1, 65th). A goal that revived everything and made Portugal doubt. Well Named.

While Otavio thought he had found the fault with a crossed header, Fonte committed the irreparable by mowing down nal in the box. But Yilmaz, crushed by the pressure, missed his penalty by shooting on top of the bar! A crack at the worst of times for the Turkish captain, who let slip the equalizer but especially the ticket for the World Cup. A relief for Portugal, who drove the point home in added time through Nunes (3-1, 90th + 4).

The score of the match: 7.5/10

A good match that gave chills to lovers of Portuguese football. While they thought they were having a peaceful evening with a two-goal lead at the break, the Lusitanians were hot to the end against the gripping Turks who put the alarm clock a little too late. Occasions, stress, a beautiful atmosphere, we had the right to an evening as we like them.

The goals :

– Served back by Jota, Bernardo Silva fires a heavy shot that hits Cakir’s right post. On the lookout, Otavio is the most reactive and takes the ball with his right foot to deceive the Turkish goalkeeper, who is too short (1-0, 15th), from a tight angle.

– Found in space by Joao Moutinho, Otavio delivers a bright diagonal cross for Jota. At the far post, the Liverpool striker places an unstoppable header in the ventilator (2-0, 42nd).

– After a first shift to the left, nder is found in the axis at the entrance to the surface. The Marseillais slips a luminous deep pass for Yilmaz, who adjusts Costa with a point-blank shot (2-1, 65th).

– Not attacked in the axis, Leao slips a pass in the perfect depth for Nunes. The Portuguese does not tremble and adjusts Cakir with an unstoppable small dead leaf (3-1, 90th + 4).

Players’ NOTES

Maxifoot has assigned a score (out of 10) comments on each player.

Man of the Match: Otavio (8/10)

A sacred match for the midfielder of FC Porto. Opportunistic scorer after a strike from Bernardo Silva on the post, he offers Jota caviar on the second goal. Tireless, he multiplied his efforts to corner the Turks. The Dragon even almost put his double on a close range header in the second period. Replace the 88th minute with Rafael Leao (not not)decisive passer on the third goal.


Diogo Costa (6): the Portuguese goalkeeper was not greatly involved. He is decisive in front of Kk in the first period to avoid the equalizer.

Diogo Dalot (6): correct. The Manchester United right-back defended quite well in his lane and was attacking throughout the game to bring danger.

Danilo Pereira (5): the Parisian midfielder, placed in central defense, made a few errors in raising after the opener. He was heavy on the Turkish attacks in his area.

Jos Fonte (4): facing his club partner, Yilmaz, the central defender was imperial for an hour. Before letting his guard down by being had on the first goal. Behind, he concedes a penalty on nal, missed by Yilmaz. A very painful last half hour.

Raphal Guerreiro (5): Dortmund’s left-back had some difficulty facing nder and was forced to play lower than usual. Apart from a good cross for Otavio in the second half, he was little seen. Replace the 88th minute with Nuno Mendes (not not).

Bernardo Silva (6): his placement between the lines posed problems for the Turkish block. At the origin of the first goal, with a strike on the post before the resumption of Otavio, the Portuguese playmaker had its importance without really giving the impression of playing free. A correct copy even if we expect more from him.

Joo Moutinho (7): the years pass and the environment passed by Monaco is still essential. Author of the shift on the second goal, he managed the midfield well thanks to his technical quality. A jailer. Replace the 88th minute with Matheus Nunes (not not)scorer at the end of the game.

Bruno Fernandes (5): a fairly neutral match for the Manchester United playmaker. He responded present in the pressing, a little less in the creation despite a nice ladle which could have led to a dangerous action if not for Ronaldo’s slip. Replace the 80th minute with William Carvalho (not not).

Otvio (8): read comment above.

Diogo Jota (7): a poison in the club, a poison in the selection. The Liverpool striker is one of those ruthless players in front of goal. His match had however started badly with a huge miss on a recovery one meter from the cage. But he showed his talent in the aerial game to adjust Cakir with an unstoppable header before the break. He was the most dangerous Portuguese in this match with Otavio. Replace the 71st minute with Joao Flix (not not).

Cristiano Ronaldo (5): neutral. Even if he fought well on the attacking front, the Manchester United striker never managed to be dangerous. He never balked at the task and pressed until the end to hamper the Turkish defence.


Ugurcan akir (4): a poor match for the Turkish goalkeeper, who never gave the impression of being able to save his team. A disappointment.

Ozan Muhammed Kabak (5): the ready Norwich defender held the barracks for a long time to maintain the hope of a return to the game. Too short on the second goal, he is close to making a big blunder after returning from the locker room.

Merih Demiral (6): the Atalanta player fought like hell to try to repel the Portuguese attacks. It was not enough but he was not ashamed of his match.

Caglar Sync (4): usually solid, the central defender of Leicester showed signs of weakness against Ronaldo. He gave the impression of being intimidated in each of his duels with the Portuguese striker.

Mehmet elik (5): rather interesting defensively, the Lille right-back has nevertheless made little contribution offensively. He could have done so much more with such an inspired nder in front of him. Replace the 80th minute with Yusuf Yazici (not).

Berkan Kutlu (3.5): an ordeal. A training midfielder, the Galatasaray player did not perform at all in this left piston role. He suffered enormously in the first period before having a little more respite after the break. Replace the 90th minute with Serdar Dursun (not not).

Orkun Kk (6): Feyenoord’s metronome was often dangerous when he played forward passing close to equalizing on a sudden strike low to the ground. An interesting meeting for him. Replace the 80th minute with Tokoz Dorukhan (not not).

Hakan alhanoglu (3): a big disappointment. In a remote midfield role, the playmaker of Inter did not weigh at all tonight. He also lost dangerous balls which could have been better exploited by Portugal.

Cengiz nder (7): clearly the best Turkish player on the pitch. Untenable, the Marseille winger posed big problems for the Portuguese defenders. His breakthrough after high-class collective action is a model of its kind.

Burak Yilmaz (4): very frustrating for an hour with excessively bad choices, the Lille striker gave hope to his team by reducing the gap to the score. But as with Lille, his old demons caught up with him and the Turkish captain ended up beating his own by missing his penalty for the equalizer. Terrible…

Muhammed Kerem Aktrkoglu (3): a discreet meeting for the prodigy of Galatasaray. The young winger was too little dangerous by posing too few worries Dalot. A missed date for him. Replace the 66th minute with Enes nal (not not)who got the penalty late in the game.

And for you, who were the best and worst players of the match? Comment in the “comments” box below!

PORTUGAL 3-1 TURKEY (mid-time: 2-0) – CdM 2022 – Dams, European zone / 1/2
Stadium: Estadio do Drago, Porto – Referee: Daniel Siebert, Germany

Goals : Otvio (15th) Diogo Jota (42nd) Matheus Nunes (90+4th) for PORTUGAL – B. Yilmaz (65th) for TURKEY
Warnings : Diogo Jota (35th), Joo Moutinho (86th)for PORTUGAL – Mr. elik (35th), H. alhanoglu (69th), Mr. Demiral (76th), D. Tokz (90+6th)for TURKEY

PORTUGAL : Diogo CostaJose Fonte, Danilo PereiraDiogo Dalot, Raphal Guerreiro (Rafael Leo, 88th)Joo Moutinho (Matheus Nunes, 88th)Otvio (Nuno Mendes, 88th), Bruno Fernandes (William Carvalho, 80th), Bernardo SilvaCristiano Ronaldo, Diogo Jota (Joo Flix, 71st)

TURKEY : U.akirO. Kabak, Mr. Demiral, . SyncMr. elik (D. Tokz, 80th), B. Kutlu (S. Dursun, 90th)O. Kk (Y. Yazici, 80th), H. alhanogluC.nder, K. Aktrkoglu (E. nal, 66th)B.Yilmaz

Otavio opened the scoring opportunistically (1-0, 15th)

Jota made the break before the break (2-0, 42nd)

Yilmaz gave hope to the Turks (2-1, 65th)

Nunes, last Portuguese scorer (3-1, 90th + 4)

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