MSI Prepares to Announce RX 6400 Cards: AERO ITX

MSI Prepares to Announce RX 6400 Cards: AERO ITX

The AMD RX 6400 was released exclusively to OEMs along with its sibling, the RX 6500 XT. It has been rumored for a while that this low-budget card will come to the retail market, but now we have some very tangible proof.

Judging by the latest leaks, Radeon RX 6400 graphics cards will be released on April 20. Some retailers with card stock listed early. Singaporean NVX System IntegratorsMSI’s Radeon RX 6400 AERO ITX model is on sale for approximately $ 255.

We have seen the RX 6400 model produced by an unknown Chinese OEM until now. Now we are witnessing that an important manufacturer such as MSI produces the RX 6400 with special cooling. This shows that besides MSI, all major brands can release their special designs. The suggested retail price of the more powerful RX 6500 XT was $199, so the Singapore retailer’s price is quite high.

The Radeon RX 6400 will be a low-end card with 768 Stream Processors on a 64-bit bus and 4GB of GDDR6 memory. The results of the RX 6500 XT are spot on, so we don’t expect its sibling to be a good option for gamers. However, it can be preferred as an affordable model for those who want to play games at low settings / resolution and for everyday tasks.

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