Mr. Markus Burton’s Dog – Cengiz Dağcı Book summary, subject and review

Mr. Markus Burton’s Dog – Cengiz Dağcı Book summary, subject and review

Who is Mr. Markus Burton’s Dog? Who is the author of Mr. Markus Burton’s Dog? What is the theme and main idea of ​​Mr. Markus Burton’s Dog? What is Mr. Markus Burton’s Dog about? Mr. Markus Burton’s Dog Do you have a PDF download link? Who is Cengiz Dağcı, the author of Mr. Markus Burton’s Dog? Here is Mr. Markus Burton’s Dog book summary, lyrics, comments and review…


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Writer: Cengiz Dagci

Publisher: Otuken Publications

ISBN: 9789754372502

Number of pages: 150

What Is Mr. Markus Burton’s Dog Saying? Subject, Main Idea, Summary

After the Second World War, Cengiz Dağcı had to live in England, far away from his homeland of Crimea. Despite living in England for many years, all of his novels have always been about the Crimea and he has naturally chosen his main characters from Turks. However, with his long-running story, Mr. Markus Burton’s Dog, which he wrote in 1998, he broke new ground for his own writing and chose characters from the English society he lived in and told them. The story tells the inner world of Markus Burton, a widowed old man, through his dog Benci and his relationship with his best friend, John Marple. In this book of Cengiz Dağcı, just as in his other books, the power of his pen and his stories to affect the soul is clearly seen. Mountaineer narrates our ups and downs in our emotions, our weaknesses, our rough sides, our love and hate, our calmness and anger, that is, all of our positive and negative human characteristics. In this book of Mr. Markus Burton’s Dog, it is possible to see all this. Burton in Cengiz Dağcı’s story is not just a dog. In fact, Mountaineer tells Burton about our compassionate side intertwined with loyalty, sadness, mourning, friendship and naivety.

Mr. Markus Burton’s Dog Quotes – Lyrics

  • How could the human being created by God do all this to another human being? How could God allow this?
  • The greatest heroes are not in battles; those who fight in life; Those who endure all difficulties in life are those who can live their lives to the fullest.
  • In fact, when creating man, God had spent more time and effort on woman than he did on man; So beautiful women.
  • ‘Word is the feeling you call it’; It is nothing but a feeling. Read the written words and do whatever your senses command you.
  • You are a unique beauty who disappeared beyond the centuries and reappeared in my eyes.
  • Dreamers hold the key to the door to heaven in their own hands.
  • The name of being admired was when others saw themselves in their true light.
  • I want neither silver nor gold. Everything I need I found in you.
  • It was in my palm, It flew away! I waited for it to return, my bird did not come back.
  • “He who does not know his place is never happy.”
  • It was in vain that he complained about his fortune. His life was like classical music and operas: happy, sad, ordeal, exciting, tragic… All together and for thirty-five years had been played by the same orchestra and performed by the same actors. It was still played.
  • In fact, God spent more time and effort on women when creating man than he did on men; women were so beautiful.
  • The war would be over!
  • Is there supposed to be pity in every smile?

Mr. Markus Burton’s Dog Review – Personal Reviews

It is the first of three English stories written by Cengiz Dağcı. The other two, John Marple’s Last Journey and Oy are the first legs of Markus Oy, these books can also be read independently of each other. Here II. It tells the story of Markus Burton, who lived in London close to the end of World War II, acquires a dog named Benci and his friendship with John Mrple, who runs a restaurant. Burton’s daughter, Dorothy, married and went to Canada, after which the story unfolded. It is a readable work in which Dağcı’s unique style is felt. However, since it is one of the rare works out of Crimea, it can be evaluated differently. (Mehmet Y.)

It was the first book by Cengiz Dağcı that I read and its language was very fluent. Even though I got bored from place to place, the events developed as I progressed and my boredom ended after a while. Although the title of the book mentioned a dog, only 50-60 pages of the book had a dog, and then the book moved on to the life of Mr. Markus Burton’s friend, John Marple. When I first saw the book, I thought it would not be fluent in talking about dogs, but there were many lessons in those 50-60 pages. It is a book that can be read and learned at leisure. (Merve Dursun)

I’ve always questioned why this book didn’t sell for tens of millions. There is everything about a human being in a small book. After finishing this, everything is incomplete without reading the Oy Markus Oy book. What a romance, my God. (Kadir Ulger)

Mr. Markus Burton’s Dog Do you have a PDF download link?

One of the most popular searches on the internet for the book Cengiz Dağcı – Mr. Markus Burton’s Dog is Mr. Markus Burton’s Dog PDF link. Most of the paid books on the Internet have PDFs. However, illegally downloading and using these PDFs is both illegal and immoral. If the PDF is sold from the publisher’s site, you can download it.

Who is the author of the book Cengiz Dağcı?

He was born on March 9, 1919 in the village of Gurzuf in the city of Yalta, Crimea. His childhood passed under famine, poverty, the persecution of Russian imperialism and great oppression. He finishes primary school in his village and secondary school in Akmescit. While he was in the second year of the Crimean Pedagogical Institute, World War II broke out. In 1941, he was captured by the Germans on the Ukrainian front. After the defeat of the Germans, he escaped from the prison camp and took refuge in the side of the allied states. He settled in London in 1946. His life in England would not be easy either; On the one hand, he has to work in the most unskilled and heavy jobs while writing.

He accepts Turkish as the written language by saying “Turkish is the language my mother spoke to me”. His first book in Turkey Turkish is The Terrible Years, published by Varlık Publications in 1956. Dağcı met Yaşar Nabi by correspondence and sent his works by mail. Feeling the political effects of the cold war conditions, the relations of the Soviet Union with the left intelligentsia and the cracks in our intellectual life are about to alienate the author, he meets Ötüken Publishing House. It brings together more than twenty books to Turkish readers through Ötüken Publishing House.

Dağcı is among the great writers of Turkish literature. In his novels, he reflects the suffering of the Crimean Turks with a sad but clear style. His books have been circulating for years. He never breaks his interest in Crimea and does not neglect to tell about the return of the Crimean Turks to their homeland. In his memoirs, he says, “I am not only the author of Crimea, but only I could have written the tragedy of Crimea with all its truth and sincerity.” In the last years of his life, he also writes stories about the characters in his neighborhood.

His biggest supporter was his precious wife Regina, whom he met in Poland during the war and lost in 1998. He received numerous awards, including the Writer’s Union and Ilesam’s author of the year, and the Turkish Hearths’ outstanding service award. The adventure of writing was discussed at the “Peak Personalities in the Turkish World: Cengiz Dağcı” symposium organized by Marmara University Turkic Studies Institute on 21.03.2011.

Cengiz Dağcı passed away at his home in Sauthfields on Thursday, September 22, 2011 at around 12:30. He was buried in the Kızıltaş village of Yalta, which he had not seen for 69 years, on Sunday, October 2, 2011, by a large group of people from Turkey, with the initiatives of the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Turkey, Ahmet Davutoğlu. Thus, the author had the opportunity to sleep his eternal sleep in the land of his birth.

Cengiz Dağcı Books – Works

  • They were also human
  • The Terrible Years
  • The Man Who Lost His Homeland
  • That Land Was Ours
  • Babies Hanging on an Almond Branch
  • Return
  • Days of Death and Fear
  • Young Temujin
  • Regina
  • Cold Street
  • Old Warrior
  • Comrades
  • Letters to My Mother
  • Someone Like Me
  • We Crossed This Road Together
  • In dreams: Main and Junior Scholar
  • mirrors 2
  • Mr. Markus Burton’s Dog
  • mirrors 1
  • Me and My Inner Me
  • mirrors 3
  • Cengiz Dağcı in the memories
  • mirrors 4
  • Vote Markus Oy
  • Mr. John Marple’s Last Journey
  • From Haluk’s Notebook and the London Letters

Cengiz Dağcı Quotes – Lyrics

  • Aunt, before I knew Ramila; I think everything I saw, thought and experienced was about Ramila. (We Crossed This Road Together)
  • ‘Good evening; In the evenings, there was a sweet emptiness, a force that draws people to themselves and makes them forget their troubles, tiredness and gloom; the evenings were like the eyes of the night; they could see everywhere, reach everywhere, dive everywhere.’ (They were also human)
  • I went and sat on the stone by the river, took two sheets of paper with my poems on it from my pocket and built two boats. (Letters to My Mother)
  • -But you don’t prune the tree, Selim! You take it out of the ground, you cut it from the root. You don’t see this, don’t you understand? You pull the tree that has grown and taken root in this soil for thousands of years from the soil, cut it and shatter it to pieces! (That Land Was Ours)
  • Ramila… We crossed this road together. We will wait for the end together in our shelter we built at the end of the road. (We Crossed This Road Together)
  • It was obvious in his eyes, he had a big heart. (That Land Was Ours)
  • my god! Where did my people not leave their children? …. When the wind sways, tree branches are forbidden for us The roads of Crimea (Cengiz Dağcı in the memories)
  • I carry another me within myself. (mirrors 2)
  • The homeland is stronger than the deepest loves… (Regina)
  • Every gain has a loss. (They were also human)
  • God always comes to help man. (They were also human)
  • If there is only one place of refuge in life, it is “Memories” (AND) (The Man Who Lost His Homeland)
  • “If there is only one place I can take refuge in life, it is memories.” (The Man Who Lost His Homeland)
  • What has made my heart happy and hurt my heart for fifty years; Crimea that made me cry some nights while sitting at my desk with a pen in my hand. Crimea has been a wound for me. It was a non-stop bleeding wound. (Cengiz Dağcı in the memories)
  • Wherever he went, life turned its back on him. Wherever he went, life became meaningless to him. (That Land Was Ours)
  • He laid the dead under the awning, dressed him in clean clothes; They also combed their hair well. However, they are unaware that they lived a colorless, dirty, almost dead life while they were alive. (Cold Street)
  • my god! Please, call the parents who want to give birth to the world to your own altar; Tell them what life is. Above all, let them know what life is, Lord! (Days of Death and Fear)
  • The arrow is dangerous in the bow, Kargun! Are you niter with a bow without an arrow? None. (Young Temujin)
  • … we were dying with the happiest deaths. (Letters to My Mother)
  • I’ll get through today anyway. But tomorrow… (Cold Street)

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