Mbappé, Haaland, Lewandowski, Salah, Dembélé … The latest strong announcements from Laporta!

Mbappé, Haaland, Lewandowski, Salah, Dembélé … The latest strong announcements from Laporta!

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Joan Laporta was present on the airwaves of RAC1 this evening. After discussing the Lionel Messi file, the Barcelona president returned to other hot topics. Words reported by the Barça News account.

On Haaland and Mbappé

“Haaland or Mbappé? I would choose the one who would like to play at Barça. Every player who wants to come must show that he wants to come. Marbella? I was there but I didn’t see anyone. I was with a Penya. Haaland or Mbappé at Barça? The conditions I was told about these two agreements… we would never agree to spend these figures, no way. I see them both very far from Barça”.

On Lewandowski and Salah

“Lewandowski and Salah? They’re top players. If these names come out, it’s because people think they can come and that says it all. I’m not saying what we’re working on

About Xavi

“We are very happy with Xavi. We are playing the way we want and what we believe in. At the beginning he struggled, but it is clear that we are going in the right direction now. We have to trust the process “Xavi has motivated footballers and started to implement his style. Xavi can stay as long as he wants at Barcelona. I want him to stay for many years.”

On the Spotify contract

“Spotify wanted us to keep the figures confidential, but know that this is the best shirt contract in the history of the club. The promotion of artists on the Barça shirt? It will always be Spotify on the shirt. The day when we were photographed at the Camp Nou VIP box with Spotify executives, the deal was done, but we were asked for a period of silence. That didn’t jeopardize the deal.”

On the new Camp Nou

“We will start work on the Camp Nou as planned. We want to respect the schedule. As there is the World Cup in winter, we want to speed up for the stadium. We have pre-agreements for the financing of the Camp Nou. It should be done this week”.

On the title race

“Finish second and win the Europa? I’m not signing. I want us to win La Liga”.

On the Clasico

“We could have scored more goals against Real Madrid.”

On the Super League project

“It’s cordial and civilized with Florentino. The Super League project is moving forward. We are awaiting the court’s decision. What I can say is that it will be open, the championships will be complementary. I think we will end up talking to UEFA. If they don’t want to, too bad. We want to improve fairness, there are countries that buy clubs”.

About Sergi Roberto

“Sergi Roberto could extend at the start of the season and he didn’t when we were restructuring our payroll. I don’t think he accepted”.

On Ousmane Dembele

“Ousmane? I love him a lot and I’ve always said it. It was like Sergi Roberto, we made an offer and he didn’t accept it. If he wants to stay, he must comply with the ‘club pay scale’.

On Araujo and Gavi

“Araujo and Gavi? Both are on the right path. Mateu and Jordi are progressing well. They are two key players for the project and I say it, they want to stay. So we will find an agreement”.

On a Griezmann-Felix exchange

“We were close to the exchange Felix – Griezmann then it fell apart. João Félix’s agent has known for some time that I love him. He is a great player, but Atlético did not want to let him go . And they are right”.

About Raphinha

“Raphinha? A good player, we have good relationships, Déco manages it”.

On the upcoming transfer window

“We have an agreement with a midfielder and a central defender”.

to summarize

After having closed the door to a return of Lionel Messi to FC Barcelona, ​​Joan Laporta raised other subjects during his intervention on RAC1. He notably responded to various transfer window rumors like Kylian Mbappé and Erling Haaland.

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