Mavs notes – Jazz: Donovan Mitchell does not know who Rudy Gobert is

Mavs notes – Jazz: Donovan Mitchell does not know who Rudy Gobert is

An NBA season is made up of matches, guys who watch them and talk about them, but also guys who watch them and rate them. Probable revenge after a youth spent collecting zeros, and a perfect opportunity in any case to let go of the punchline by the kilo. This season again, Team Notes will delight you with its unfailing imagination, trying all the same to talk a little bit about basketball, even in the Playoffs.

The Playoffs can finally begin, the Mavs without Luka Doncic welcome the Jazz without Rudy Gobert, well yes, he played, but his teammates forgot he was playing with them. Mitchell and Brunson had a contest to see which of the two would crunch the most, Dinwiddie and Clarkson to see which of the two had the most flow, but unfortunately for Dallas the absence of the Slovenian genius weighed heavily, when they seemed to have game control. The Jazz wins 99-93, and now it’s time for the notes.

#Dallas Mavericks

Dwight Powell (4.5): he appears to be the only guy taller than 8 feet the Mavericks have found in the city of Dallas. But he put a pure construction site in the racket, not for nothing if Rudy found himself muzzled. Powell Rangers.

Dorian Finney-Smith (5.5): hustle, good foul, and even shoot from time to time. And an American lawyer’s name too, like that, even if it has nothing to do with it. Sounds like we’ve read that somewhere before, don’t you?

Reggie Bullock (5.5): he put in his few big shots from afar. It must be said that when your name is Reggie, it’s the least you can do.

Spencer Dinwiddie (6): he has the blaze and the quickdraw to land a featuring with Grandmaster Flash in the middle of the 80s with a ghetto blaster, but in the end, he gradually disappeared from the radar over the course of the match and we looked for him in the money time like the next Kendrick Lamar album or GTA 6.

Jalen Brunson (6.5): in the absence of Luka Doncic it was he who tried to take matters into his own hands, unfortunately a lot of waste in his shooting percentage. Arguably his shot selection had Jalen bad.

Maxi Kleber (5.5): Capable of putting important shots at 3 like swinging open-window submarines, the Maxi Clébard was above all useful in Dallas with his vice shots and his cunning. Sure that the guy must also flop in the queue at McDo.

Davis Bertans (4): if he’s hot at 3-pointers, he belongs in any NBA roster. Except that when he swings everything aside, like for almost two years, he’s just the guy we call to do the table on Sunday morning.

Josh Green (4): contrary to what his name may suggest, he got stuck at a red light on absolutely all of his shots. A very long game of Mille Bornes for Josh, who was indeed very green.

#Utah Jazz

Rudy Gobert (???): in defense, he did his job, as usual, but then in attack, he seemed totally snubbed by his teammates, and for once, it’s totally abused. Only one shot taken in 34 minutes, yet it is easily recognizable because King DaGobert had not put his jersey on backwards.

Royce O’Neale (3 then 7 in the last minute): nothing came in the whole game before scoring the dagger in the corner, when there was not even a minute left. In his next track, Ninho will sing “3-point swish like Royce O’Neale”.

Bojan Bogdanovic (7): on their phone keypads, your darons only have the letter “O” the letter “K” and the thumbs-up emoji. And on his PS5 controller, Bojan Bogdanovic only has the square button. It is in the end in these moments that he is the best.

Donovan Mitchell (7.5): certainly, his volume of shoot is considerable, certainly, his blinders when it comes to serving Rudy Gobert in the paint are omnipresent, but we are still talking about one of the safest values ​​in scoring in the Playoffs. However, he has a first name to wear the mullet cut and to dress in overalls.

Mike Conley (7): the cleanliness of his game as well as his hairstyle lead us to believe that Mr. Clean made a collab with Swiffer. Conley is really the metronome of this team.

Daniel House Jr. (6): very useful in attack and always efficient in defense, Danuel House was hot, but still less hot than in a hotel room in the Orlando bubble obviously.

Hassan Whiteside (absent): did not show up for class when he saw Rudy Gobert’s treatment.

Jordan Clarkson (5.5): without being flamboyant, Mr. Jenner did his job with some important shots, and he even made a good defensive action. See you in 2025 for the next one.

Juancho Hernangomez (5): a name of Mexican lemonade, as much time spent on the floor as it takes to drink it. Or get drunk, depending.

A nice opening of Playoffs with hustle, defense, beautiful actions and suspense, we now let Wolves and Grizzlies take care of the main course, send the rest!

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