Jo Nesbo Book summary, plot and review

Jo Nesbo Book summary, plot and review

Whose work is the son? Who is the author of the son book? What is the son’s theme and main idea? What does the son book say? Son do you have a PDF download link? Who is Jo Nesbo, author of The Son? Here is the Son book summary, lyrics, comments and review…

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Writer: Jo Nesbo

Translator: Can Yapakak

Original Name: extinct

Publisher: Dogan Books

ISBN: 9786050978193

Number of pages: 509

What is the Son Saying? Subject, Main Idea, Summary

The charismatic and easygoing Sonny Lofthus has been in prison since the age of eighteen. Other inmates tell of their crimes, believing that young Sonny has cleansed them of their sins. Charismatic and docile, Sonny Lofthus has been in prison since he was eighteen, with Sonny being addicted to heroin and how he is constantly procuring drugs. Other inmates tell of their crimes, believing that young Sonny has cleansed them of their sins. They don’t care that Sonny is addicted to heroin and how he can obtain drugs all the time. Just as they don’t know that he’s been convicted for taking on the crimes of others…

As Sonny prepares to confess to the police about a new crime he didn’t commit, he listens to a shocking confession from an inmate: The police father didn’t actually commit suicide, he was murdered. A long revenge at the hands of Sonny, who escaped from prison

There’s a list of good and bad out there, Superintendent Simon Kefas, hospice manager Martha, between the mafia leader codenamed Twin and the business community, Son Sonny puts his plan into action…

“A masterfully crafted novel that explores the deepest mysteries of sin, redemption, love, evil. (…) One of Nesbo’s best, deepest and richest novels, even without Harry Hole in it.”

Kirkus Reviews

Son Quotes – Lyrics

  • He ran into the study. He headed straight for the library, which was filled with books. On the second shelf between Lord of the Flies and the second volume of İnce Memed.
  • So we are slaves of love. Who we love is pure luck. Are you saying this?
  • “What determined the course of life? Is it a random string of events that we have no influence on, or a cosmic gravity pulling everything in the direction it’s going anyway?
  • When you change our perspective and place, you see things differently. All blind spots were disappearing.
  • There’s something liberating about standing on the edge of the abyss and knowing that no matter what happens, one way or another, you’re going to go somewhere else from your current state.
  • “Did you tell the girl you loved her?” “No. Are you telling me?” “Always, several times a day. Think of it like oxygen, something you always need. I love you, I love you. Give it a try and you’ll see what I mean.”
  • “He should have enjoyed life. It was a truth so obvious, so simple, but at the same time so difficult to understand, that this truth did not occur to one’s mind until one came to the brink of death and realized how ordinary everything really was. The only certainty in your life was that you were going to die.”
  • “Don’t all sons believe that one day they will become their fathers? That’s why they are disappointed when their father’s weaknesses are revealed. Because they see their own failures, their own defeats waiting for them in the future. Sometimes the shock is so devastating that it makes them give up before they even start.”
  • “Do not all sons believe that one day they will become their fathers?
  • So we are slaves of love. Who we love is all a matter of luck.

Son Review – Personal Reviews

Jo Nesbo; He wrote one of his books that I always read in one breath. A great revenge story. I don’t know when you take the side of the murderers, do you feel guilty? What if the killer you’re taking sides with is in a terrible mistake?? (Yasar Sekerci Akbay)

Jo Nesbo.. The author, who made his name in the Scandinavian detective novel with the Harry Hole series, knows that this series of 12 books is truly one of the best in its field. Harry Hole is one of my favorite homicide detectives. I really enjoy reading Jo Nesboy. When you start his books, it flows, the story drags you in. You finish books of more than 500 pages in as little as 2-3 days. The son is a work alone. I was hesitant about buying it or not, but I’m glad I bought it and read it. After the death of his family, Sonny, who somehow got himself imprisoned (who accepted the crimes he didn’t commit in exchange for heroin), becomes a completely different person with a secret he learned one day, and from that point on, revenge begins. The first pages may be boring, but after the subject, it draws you in and you want to read that revenge. The characters are too many. Everyone will get their share from this revenge.. It was a very enjoyable book to read, those who love Scandinavian crime fiction and those who want to read cold Norway should give it a chance 🙂 (Hanife Hacibektasoglu)

Before I move on to my comment, I would like to point out that tempo is very important in every book. It should be written without boring the reader. Anyone who reads Jo Nesbø knows. His brisk books are on one hand. But we can’t decide that the books are good just by looking at the tempo. For example, if I have 10 likes criteria, some readers have 1-2 criteria. One of them is tempo. There are those who say that if the book is fluent, it is great. Stagnant is bad. I’m not just looking for fluency. Especially in the police. I consider criteria such as the descriptions in the detective novel, some clues pointing to the criminal at the crime scene, who committed the crime and the reason, the psychological reason the author presented to us, the escape plan, the depth of the character, the originality, the reality, etc. But some readers give their opinion about the book by looking at the tempo. Decisions should not be made just by looking at the tempo in detective action. Especially, the progression of the event by chance, the resolution of the event as a result of a written letter, the murderer of the narrator, the events resolved through the medium should not happen at all. Let’s get to the book; Son is an independent detective novel written outside the Harry Hole series. The book is about revenge. The revenge of a son who escaped from prison… The author has handled the fine line between good and evil so well that it is impossible not to understand the message he has given. Sometimes there are situations where we criticize ourselves, right? Such as a slap on your child, slander against someone, theft, murder. It is important to look at the causes and consequences of this. If you slap your child because of your anger and you regret it, it doesn’t make you a bad person. But if you repeatedly beat him with a belt and a stick, you are a bad person. You may think that you are as bad as you want when you criticize yourself. Or that someone else is bad. But to me, evil depends on how you look at it. For example, you might succumb to your anger and kill someone. That doesn’t make you a bad person. But you’re branded a murderer and people know you as bad. You will have to live with this label until you die. The book was a number ten, five-star detective. Bribe-taking cops, reckoning with the past and revenge… It gave me a unique reading experience that I haven’t tasted for a long time. (Nuray Takaz Durmus)

Son do you have a PDF download link?

One of the most popular searches on the internet for the book Jo Nesbo – Son is the Son PDF link. Most of the paid books on the Internet have PDFs. However, illegally downloading and using these PDFs is both illegal and immoral. If the PDF is sold from the publisher’s site, you can download it.

Who is the Author of the Book, Jo Nesbo?

The author was born in Oslo and grew up in Molde. Studied economics and business administration at the Norwegian School of Economics; He graduated from here with honors. He became very popular thanks to the novels he wrote about the character of Detective Harry Hole; He has sold one and a half million copies throughout Norway and his works have been translated into forty languages. The author, who is also the soloist of the famous Norwegian rock band Di Derre, published his first children’s book in 2007 under the name “Doktor Proktors prompepulver”. While he was nominated for the Edgar Awards in 2010, he won the Riverton Award in 1997 and the Glass Key Award in 1998 for his debut novel Flaggermusmannen. Two of his books, namely “Kızılgerdan” and “The Devil’s Star”, were translated into Turkish by Koridor Publishing.

his novels

– “Flaggermusmannen” – (1997) (Turkish: Bat)

– “Kakerlakkene” – (1998) (Turkish: Cockroaches)

– “Rødstrupe” – (2000) (Turkish: Kızılgerdan)

– “Sorgenfri” – (2002) (Turkish: Nemesis)

– “Marekors” – (2003) (Turkish: Devil’s Star)

– “Frelseren” – (2005) (Turkish: Savior)

– “Snømannen” – (2007) (Turkish: Snowman)

– “Panserhjerte” – (2009) (Turkish: Leopard)

– “Gjenferd” – (2011) (Turkish: book/ghost–85037 )

– “Politi” – (2013) – eng. Policy

– “Tørst” – (2017) – english. The Thirst

Jo Nesbo Books – Works

  • Snowman
  • Bat
  • Devil Star
  • nemesis
  • Robin
  • cockroaches
  • Leopard
  • Ghost
  • Savior
  • Police
  • Thirst
  • Knife
  • Son
  • Macbeth
  • Kingdom
  • Doctor Proktor’s Fart Powder
  • Time Cuvette
  • Qisas deity
  • Who Farted?
  • Great Gold Robbery
  • Blod Pa Sneen
  • Inflammation

Jo Nesbo Quotes – Lyrics

  • It was time to realize that the world was full of job opportunities for smart young women, and the only thing holding them back was their lack of courage and ambition. The ambition to make a difference, not to validate their intelligence. (Thirst)
  • What I mean is that when a person trains their brain and tries to find their own answers, they quickly become lonely. (Savior)
  • People want to be consoled by lies rather than hearing the truth.Devil Star)
  • …as he said: If it rains, I will get wet like everyone else.” (cockroaches)
  • Everything important or unimportant is a bunch of partially predetermined and random events; Is this me, is that all, is this my life? (Ghost)
  • After all, we can’t delay living, can we? (Kingdom)
  • You can fool the pain for a while, but whatever it does it gets you. When you relax a little, let your guard down, get your head out of the trench… (Knife)
  • Now it’s time. It was time to drink again from the fountain of life. (Thirst)
  • For what is proper to man is not loyalty, but betrayal. (Macbeth)
  • But the captains were also evident in stormy weather, right? (Police)
  • I think it’s important to be brave enough to be yourself. The most important thing in a relationship is honesty, right? (nemesis)
  • You never know what it will mean. Ninety-nine percent of the information you collect during a lawsuit is worthless. But you have to be alert enough to see that one percent when it’s right under your nose. (cockroaches)
  • It’s not about deciding whether someone lives or dies; The important thing is to restore justice to people. Sometimes in order to achieve justice, it is necessary to give someone the death penalty. (Robin)
  • “You don’t even know them. ”’Yes, but who do we know? At least the people I was born and raised on the same land. Maybe that’s the whole point. Clan. We all want to be in our own tribe. ” ” Yes ​​like that. This is what we want, whether we realize it or not. ”(Leopard)
  • “What determined the course of life? Is it a random string of events that we have no influence on, or a cosmic gravity pulling everything in the direction it’s going anyway? (Son)
  • “Did you tell the girl you loved her?” “No. Are you telling me?” “Always, several times a day. Think of it like oxygen, something you always need. I love you, I love you. Give it a try and you’ll see what I mean.” (Son)
  • If we want to progress, we must obey the laws and rules. Chaos environment only brings crime. (Robin)
  • -I don’t like photo albums -Do you not? They prevent you from forgetting the past (Savior)
  • Some people took risks just because they liked the risk. (cockroaches)
  • If you wanted to be known as a good king, you had two choices. You could either be the king of the good days and sit on your throne with prosperity in the fertile years, or you would be the king who ruled your country in times of crisis. Even if there is no crisis, you would pretend that there is, and you would show what a terrible crisis awaits the country if it does not start a war and show that everything will get worse. The important thing was not the size of the war, but winning it. (Thirst)

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