Istanbul is Your Application in AppGallery

Istanbul is Your Application in AppGallery

Istanbul Seni, a new generation smart city application where the people of Istanbul can easily access all the services they will need, has been adapted to Huawei Mobile Services and took its place in the AppGallery.

Istanbul is the first step of your big dream based on caring for people and serving the city. With this application, you can access accurate information about the developments in the city, convey your thoughts and opinions, and have a say in the management of the city. Designed to ensure transparency and participation, this application also aims to provide you with fast solutions and convenience in all services you will receive in different fields.

Istanbul Seni, which can be downloaded for free, used safely and easily by everyone, will include many solutions from transportation to bill payments, shopping and financial services, and it will be ensured that citizens can benefit from one place in all areas they may need.

Istanbul Your Application

Institutions and companies that will offer their products and services to the people of Istanbul will reach Istanbulites from one place and benefit from the opportunities provided by this safe market place. Istanbul is Yours, it will increase the dynamism of the city and increase sharing and cooperation. Equipped with HMS infrastructure services, Istanbul Seni will be put at the service of millions of AppGallery users, thus increasing this sharing and cooperation.

AppGallery applies the highest level of validation to protect users’ sensitive data and privacy. Personally sensitive information such as biometric data is never processed outside of the HUAWEI device, giving the user full control over their personal data. EMUI gives users control over the permissions of apps. More importantly, all user data is anonymized and stored locally on servers corresponding to each user’s region.

Huawei continues to create a unique usage experience for all users by rapidly adding local applications specific to Turkey to the official application store. HUAWEI is constantly working to accelerate the incorporation of apps that form the foundation of its users’ digital lifestyle into HMS, including both popular global apps and quality localized apps that users love. HUAWEI AppGallery segments apps across 18 categories including news, social media, entertainment and more, all searchable with a simple and seamless browsing experience. If there is an app that users can’t find, all they have to do is submit the app name to their ‘Wish List’. When this application takes its place in AppGallery, the requesting user is informed.

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