International organizations call not to attack health centers in Ukraine

International organizations call not to attack health centers in Ukraine

In a joint written statement made by UN-affiliated organizations, it was emphasized that the attacks on hospitals, clinics and other health buildings in Ukraine prevented the people from accessing basic health services, “While access to health services has decreased tremendously due to conflicts, pregnant women, new mothers, children in Ukraine have We see that the needs of the elderly and the elderly for health services are increasing day by day. statement was included.

In the statement, which stated that more than 4,300 births have taken place since the start of the war in Ukraine and that more than 80 thousand women are expected to give birth within 3 months, “Oxygen and medical supplies for pregnant women are decreasing dangerously. The collapse of the health system in Ukraine is disastrous. “Every effort should be made to prevent this from happening.” warning has been given.

Emphasizing that the attacks on hospitals and clinics have seriously damaged the health service infrastructure in the country, the statement said, “We call for an immediate halt to attacks on health centers in Ukraine.” expressions were used.

In the statement, a ceasefire call was made to the parties so that humanitarian aid can be delivered to those in need.

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