Intel Suspends All Operations in Russia

Intel Suspends All Operations in Russia

In the early days of the conflict, Intel had decided to stop shipments to Russia with AMD. The US tech giant this week in response to the country’s move to Ukraine announced the suspension of all operations in Russia. The company will continue to support its employees in Russia, but will completely cut off its business activities.

We have suspended all business activities in Russia with immediate effect. This comes after our decision to suspend all shipments to customers in Russia and Belarus. We are working to support all our employees in this difficult situation, including our 1,200 employees in Russia. We have also implemented business continuity measures to minimize disruption to our global operations.

Tensions between Russia and Ukraine began to escalate in late February. At this time, many companies either suspended their operations in the country or stopped product shipments to the country. These companies include names such as AMD, Microsoft, Apple, Dell, Intel, HPE, Lenovo and NVIDIA.

Intel was among the first major companies to operate in Russia in late 1991 after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Unlike western companies, most of which offer high-tech products, the company has invested heavily in Russia over the past 30 years, while also conducting research and development operations.

BloombergAccording to a recent report by Yandex, one of the largest Moscow-based IT companies, is experiencing major problems due to import restrictions. In this context, it has been stated that the chips required for the company will be completely inadequate within 12-18 months.

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