Intel Returns to the HEDT Market with Alder Lake-X

Intel Returns to the HEDT Market with Alder Lake-X

to a new version of AIDA64 The patch notes for the patch notes show that preliminary support has been added for the mysterious new Intel CPU platform codenamed Alder Lake-X. There are no details about the new processors at the moment, but these chips could be the new HEDT models of the Intel Alder Lake series. In other words, we can say that Intel is returning to the HEDT market after a long hiatus.

In recent years, the US chipmaker has started using the letter X to represent its HEDT platform, including its platform-related chipsets and CPUs. So this tradition is likely to continue with Alder Lake-X. The company had stepped away from the HEDT market for some time. The latest HEDT series debuted in 2019 as 14nm Cascade Lake-X and reached a maximum of 18 cores.

Intel manufactures Alder Lake and Sapphire Rapids chips with Intel 7 technology, formerly known as the 10nm Enhanced SuperFin process. Sapphire Rapids series will not use Gracemont cores like Alder Lake, but Golden Cove cores are used on both sides.

The Alder Lake-X family will likely be marketed with higher core counts than Alder Lake chips for consumers. In addition, low-power Gracemont cores may not be used for the HEDT platform. In these chips, the AVX-512 instruction set can also be activated, along with overclocking support.

In any case, Alder Lake-X will have to compete with AMD’s Ryzen 5000 Threadripper Pro processors, which reach up to 64 cores. AMD has not yet confirmed whether non-Pro versions will be available for now.

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