HPV vaccine statement from WHO – Health and Nutrition News

HPV vaccine statement from WHO – Health and Nutrition News

Vaccine efficacyconvened on April 4-7 to evaluate the research on WHOThe Experts Advisory Group for Immunity (SAGE), affiliated with , shared the latest data on the effectiveness of the HPV vaccine in the evaluation it published after the meetings.

In the group’s assessment, “single dose HPV vaccineIt has been concluded that “these have a sufficient level of robust protection against cervical cancer”.

It was emphasized that the result of the research on the HPV vaccine is “game-changer” and that the use of a single dose worldwide can provide more people with access to the vaccine in middle and low-income countries and prevent more cancer cases.

In the previous guidelines of SAGE, 2 doses are given to children, adolescents and adult women. HPV vaccination was recommended.


According to WHO data cervical cancer More than 300,000 women die every year because of this.

While 9 out of 10 cervical cancer cases occur in low- and middle-income countries, these cases are usually HPV vaccinedue to lack of access.

WHO, within the scope of the “Global Strategy to Accelerate the Elimination of Cervical Cancer” program, aims to have 90 percent of women in the world receive HPV vaccine and 70 percent of them will be screened for cancer.

If these measures are taken, it is predicted that cervical cancer deaths will decrease by 40 percent by 2050.

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