Health centers are targeted in Ukraine, patients cannot be treated

Health centers are targeted in Ukraine, patients cannot be treated

WALL – The World Health Organization (WHO) announced that 64 attacks have been carried out on healthcare centers in the country since February 24, when Russia’s attacks on Ukraine began.

The statement included data on the effects of the war on the health system in Ukraine. In the statement, it was stated that one out of every three people exposed to internal migration in the country has a chronic disease, and it was noted that nearly 1000 health facilities across the country are located on the conflict line, and therefore the treatment process of many patients is disrupted.

Emphasizing that the war brought the fight against Covid-19 in the country “almost to a standstill”, the statement stated that before the Russian attacks, at least 50 thousand people were vaccinated in the country, while only 175,000 people were vaccinated against Covid-19 from February 24 to March 15. According to the data of WHO, 64 centers providing health services in the country were attacked from February 24 to March 22, 15 people lost their lives and 37 people were injured in these attacks.

WHO Ukraine Representative Dr. While condemning the attacks on health centers, Jarno Habicht said, “Attacks on health services are a violation of international human rights law, but are a war tactic used to destroy health infrastructure and leave people hopeless.” Habicht emphasized that attacks on health centers make vulnerable civilians more victimized and said, “Health services are never a target and should not be.” (AA)

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