Family Wars – Bekir Yıldız Book summary, subject and review

Family Wars – Bekir Yıldız Book summary, subject and review

Who is Family Wars? Who is the author of Family Wars? What is the theme and main idea of ​​Family Wars? What does the book Family Wars tell about? Family Wars PDF download link? Who is Bekir Yıldız, the author of the book Family Wars? Here is the Family Wars book summary, lyrics, comments and review…

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Writer: Bekir Yildiz

Publisher: Everest Publications

ISBN: 9786051416540

Number of pages: 140

What Does Family Wars Say? Subject, Main Idea, Summary

My wife was screaming. He was shouting loudly from the sofa he was sitting on. Maybe it was the first time he was yelling at my face. Where had that calm, meek woman gone? Were the frontiers we guarded against each other entangled? What was the border like? Was the individual creating his own border?

Everest Publications continues to publish the books of Bekir Yıldız, one of the masters of Turkish literature, with Aile Savaşları. Family Wars can be read as a continuation of Bekir Yıldız’s book The Ringed Slave. In the novel, the tides of a middle-aged man, tired of life, who cannot get rid of the burdens of the past, and his young wife, who wants to have a child, in the institution of “family” are told. In Bekir Yıldız’s witty language, all the pains of being a “family” are narrated with a striking fiction.

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Family Wars Quotes – Lyrics

  • Is it possible to reach social consciousness without individual freedom?.. This case is not that case, it is the defendant… I am honored to be guilty, Your Honor…
  • If people weren’t in their place, would it make sense for things and structures to be in place?
  • But do you think they feed the family with love? What is smaller than family, but stronger than family, still in this world?..
  • If people are not in place; Could it make sense for the things and the structures to be in place?
  • The waters dry up, the mountains fly, the sky fades, love cries…
  • In autumn, we sent the storks off to the deserts with my mother. My mother could not see the return of the storks. One morning prayer, prayers took him away.
  • Urfa, the city of Nemrud, burned in the summer. The sun would fall piece by piece from the sky, and every structure would be the interior of the sun.
  • The earthen roofs of the buildings, though like hot hair, were still cool places. When lying on the beds, this time the stars in the sky were visible at an arm’s length, to the Urfa people of the steppe.
  • “Wow bees… The spear of Karbala, every single one of them…”
  • “Well, wrath doesn’t suit him, but who does it suit? In the middle of my sleep, it hit me so hard that a bee didn’t sting me in my face, in my eyes. I cry, children cry. The stars move from their places and fall apart…
  • Don’t worry about your situation, son. Look somewhere, look at the sky. She was the last of his eight wives, your father’s mother. God rest in light. Is it the whiz before that?
  • There are especially the first days of your father’s police work… Look where you are from… He was ashamed to go out on the street in the first days. I was also embarrassed when I put on the first coat… That’s when I knew what shame is and what it is not.
  • He smiled. Perhaps for a mother, the boss was neither her heart nor her brain. It was his children who were the boss… Of course, he didn’t want to leave the world without seeing them and saying goodbye to them.
  • My mother was a child who grew up on the land of Harran. He had branched out in these lands. As if this wasn’t a human belly. It was an earth. A son Son was in Vienna. His two daughters were in Harran. His two children were also in Istanbul. Could a snowball be blown away like that?
  • What could be done if the cure for a disease was love? If only hatred, anger, lovelessness were the cure…

Family Wars Review – Personal Reviews

2021 is about to end and the last book of the year is finished. I think Bekir Yıldız told about his own life, divorce and second marriage in this book. Because, in his work, he emphasized the situation of giving the copyright of his other books to his ex-wife as alimony. I don’t know why I get angry when I read books that are written as if they were always right from the eyes of men. However, the author’s attempt to reflect his inner world did not seem sincere to me. I think she didn’t want to lose her readers by writing a book in which she tried to justify her divorce. Haaaa, his style is not bad, I must say that he is a writer who can write strong and reflect emotions very well. (Angel Gazelle)

I could not reach the fluidity of reading in Bekir Yıldız’s other works. With a heavy expression, the individual judges the institution of marriage, especially “marriage”, with his inner self. A book that seeks answers to questions. It is also calculated that the financial income of the author’s own books during and after the divorce is tied to his ex-wife as alimony for 40 years. It is a work in which the perception that the works left as child support are the author’s own inner world, even his body, and that his brain and body are torn apart and become the subject of inheritance. I have read his other books with great pleasure. for some reason this seemed a bit boring and challenging to me… (Halil Yavuz KAYA)

Family Wars PDF download link?

One of the most popular searches on the internet for Bekir Yıldız – Family Wars book is the Family Wars PDF link. Most of the paid books on the Internet have PDFs. However, illegally downloading and using these PDFs is both illegal and immoral. If the PDF is sold from the publisher’s site, you can download it.

Who is the author of the book Bekir Yıldız?

Bekir Yıldız (born 1933 – d. 8 August 1998), Turkish short story and novelist.

He was born in 1933 in Urfa. He finished printing school and went to work in Germany as a laborer. Bekir Yıldız, who opened the Asya Printing House when he returned home, told the lives of the people of the South East in his stories. Some of his stories were scripted and filmed. She worked in May, Halkin Dostları, Yeni a, Yazko Literature magazines. Many of his writings have been collected in the book called “Out of Time”. In 1971, he received the Sait Faik Story Award with his work Kaçakçı Şahan. He died on 11 August 1998 as a result of a heart attack. He was buried in Karacaahmet Cemetery.

Bekir Yildiz Books – His Works

  • Marriage Company
  • Smuggler Shah
  • Ringed Slave
  • Chafing Aga
  • and Cruel and Believer and Karbala
  • Black Wagon
  • Harran
  • White Turk
  • Army of Bees
  • Iron Doll
  • German Bread
  • orphans
  • A Horseman Passed Through the World
  • Coup
  • Family Wars
  • People of the Apocalypse
  • The Orphans – A Horseman Passed Through The World
  • Human Dough Southeast Dungeon
  • Steppe Bride
  • Turks in Germany
  • Immortal Poplar
  • Blind Pigeon
  • Yaman Migration
  • Straight Man
  • Selected Stories
  • Interviews
  • Falcons Valley
  • Through Judgmental Time
  • orphans

Bekir Yildiz Quotes – Lyrics

  • Working for a sack of wheat, lying in the shadow of the lord, had put Gaffar’s father on the bed. The soil was now almost impatient to punish and take under this man who had pierced and fertilized him for years. (Smuggler Shah)
  • “Would it be better if you were burned to the ground?” I said to myself. “You’re going to be paper for the kids, hey spoiled poplar. What more do you want?” (Immortal Poplar)
  • There are especially the first days of your father’s police work… Look where you are from… He was ashamed to go out on the street in the first days. I was also embarrassed when I put on the first coat… That’s when I knew what shame is and what it is not. (Family Wars)
  • In our society, no matter how old the child is, they are immature suckling lambs to parents. (Yaman Migration)
  • The first condition of success in our age is to be united. What’s wrong with one hand, two hands have a voice. (Army of Bees)
  • While mistakes and sins were lost among the crowd in the big cities, here every mistake and sin was suppressed with lead. (Chafing Aga)
  • “Man in the oven… In an apocalyptic oven… A person in the show of taking someone on his back when the fire is not burning or scorching. But when the temperature rises, when the feet burn, a person is in the race to ride on the back of the one he threw into the fire…. (People of the Apocalypse)
  • As if the mode of exploitation changes, exploitation disappears! (Harran)
  • What was love? What was family like? How the lives devoted to love were gradually forgotten and turned into new devotions. (Coup)
  • The Turks, who once attacked with their swords, were infiltrating Europe with their passports this time… (Chafing Aga)
  • “A city without people is different, but a city where people can’t get out is different.” (People of the Apocalypse)
  • Knowing and doing nothing is more painful than knowing. (Iron Doll)
  • God was creating human beings in the most extraordinary quality, and at an almost zero cost. However, every doctor’s hand extended to mankind, who suffered the wrath of nature, had large and gluttonous claws.Chafing Aga)
  • “We are longing,” he said. “Longing for water is like a plant, we are longing to speak Turkish. The lady goes to work, you cannot see it. While you are walking on the streets, you are afraid to speak Turkish with your children. Oh… Oh, how comfortable it is to speak in your mother tongue…” (Yaman Migration)
  • If, instead of tearing each other apart like cats stuffed in a sack, we could talk about those who stuffed us in the sack…Coup)
  • Do you think the Turkish of the laborer will be German? (German Bread)
  • He wanted to think. To think meant to live, however. To live too; It was to come to terms with the past, the present, and even the future. (Coup)
  • Those who are at the bottom rejoice. Because it is the turn of the people below to die in gas ovens after three or five seconds. (A Horseman Passed Through the World)
  • Because books are immortal, if they are written. (White Turk)
  • The stigmatized people, the people who became ugly, clustered with their hopes in God. (Black Wagon)

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