Fabio Capello criticizes the Italian model

Fabio Capello criticizes the Italian model

Former AC Milan and Real Madrid coach Fabio Capello strongly criticized the Italian model after the elimination of Italy 2022 World Cup play-offs against North Macedonia. “The explanation is very simple. I have been saying it for a long time that we are copying Guardiola’s football from 15 years ago without having sufficient quality. Physically, Macedonia was superior to us in terms of dynamism, strength and determination. Everything is clear: as long as we do not understand that the model to be copied is that of the Germans, we will not move forward. If we want to do like the Spaniards, who have superior technique, then we will always do it at 50%”explained the former technician on Sky Sport Italia.

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Capello, who had already been very critical of Italian clubs, unable to go beyond the knockout stages of the Champions League since 2020, explained why in his opinion it was necessary to rely on the German model to restore its letters nobility in Italian football. “It’s a question of determination, vertical play and depth. The only team in Italy that has done this and succeeded is Atalanta. If we haven’t understood that to play in Europe you have to play a certain way, we will always be left behind.said the 75-year-old Italian coach.

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