Eren Aysan : Liars of the world of lies

Eren Aysan : Liars of the world of lies

Memoirs also give the story of the age in which the author lived. Stefan Zweig which he wrote in a foreign country during the war years, without any supporting documents. “Yesterday’s World”He ends his preface with: “O memories, speak for me, choose what you want and put a mirror of your life before it is forgotten in the dark.” It takes courage to publish memoirs in turbulent countries like ours. There are many spouses, friends and acquaintances blowing in the wind in our region because of that… Also, the pains of dealing with recent history arise. However, memories are not just a contribution to the refresher culture. It is also the testimony of an era. Recently, one of our country’s immaculate intellectuals, linguist, writer Love Special‘of “Liars of the World of Lies” I ran to the bookstore as soon as it was published. As you turn the pages with excitement “Liars of the World of Lies”I understand why I was waiting for it with so much anticipation. AtaturkMy mother’s tears are hidden inside me at the time when the Turkish Language Institution, founded by . Moreover, Ankara of those years was telling exactly about my childhood. I also met little Eren in the book.

“My childhood was my paradise” If I say that, I would undoubtedly be emphasizing a good time, I would have taken it in my palm. Climbing the stairs of the Turkish Language Institution with my mother, colleague Necati Cumalito the sister of “Good morning, Ms. Mübeccel, my aunt” I would say, then greet the whole room. Then I would run to Sevgi Özel’s room. When you get down to his floor Gulten AkinIn order not to make a sound in front of ‘s room, I would brake and jump on Aunt Sevgi’s (Private) lap. It was the period when the activity in the dictionary branch never stopped. From early in the morning until three in the afternoon, they worked very seriously. Then, it would be a fun time when the radio was turned on until the end. In one of those moments, Omer Asim Aksoy He came to the room, wrote a compass and threw it under the door because he could not make himself noticed!

Year: 1980. At the door of the Turkish Language Institution, a huge, “There Is A Strike In This Workplace” hanging banner. A strike lamb is a gift to the employees of the institution. A little while after I wandered between the tents, the name of the lamb, “Eren’s Lamb” begins to be called You can’t get enough because the workers are on strike. I feel sideways being looked at; I’m not leaving your side. I feed her with the most precious flowers of Kavaklıdere. After a while, our lamb turns into a fat ram. He doesn’t let anyone near him. Other employees’ children also want to play with him. He starts running around. My strike lamb is getting rid of the rope on the 19th of may. He takes the right step forward by getting in front of the marching band on Atatürk Boulevard. One two… One two… Lamb starter! Every effort to get him out of front of the band! Doomsday is looming. When they bring the lamb back to the garden of the institution, one thing is said to me: “Well done Eren! You raised him well!” “Liars of the World of Lies”I also met Eren’s lamb.

That period, years later, appeared on the pages of a book as a history of suffering. Of course, the days when consciences were left under the rubble should have been written with false denunciation letters. This legacy is good Dear Nesin He gave it to Sevgi Özel. He told her to write what the Turkish Language Institution was made into. While fulfilling this duty, he explained the darkness of the intellectuals by revealing the profiteering minds in the world of lies. He even acted too kindly in places! Staying strong in this country as you read how he left the destroyed Turkish Language Institution, how he contributed greatly to the establishment of the Language Association, worked as an editor for a living, and spent night and day bringing together more than 200 files, including the strongest books of the last twenty years, with readers. Once again you realize how much the price is paid for it. And Sevgi Özel asks that question without hesitation: “What do we have left of the Republic in 1923?” This question was recently answered in Cumhuriyet Kitap. Gamze AkdemirHere is his response in his interview: “Those who prefer servitude speak of citizenship and civic consciousness when the bun touches it!” Sevgi Özel, once again, is rebelling against hypocrisy!

Sevda Sener my teacher, taking the art of theater as the center, “The art of drama tests people on the thresholds” he would say. The person who cannot cross that threshold is defeated or liquidated. So is the art of living… Unfortunately, this country has always given the intellectuals of this country thresholds, ditches and pits that will always be tested! Greetings to those who know how to jump, those who witnessed this adventure, and those who stood upright.

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