Eliminate high-risk pathogens

Eliminate high-risk pathogens

Because of Russia’s attacks on Ukraine, the World Health Organization has warned Ukraine to destroy pathogens found in public health laboratories.

“As part of this work, Ukraine’s Ministry of Health and other responsible agencies have been asked to help prevent possible leaks,” the statement said. We strongly recommend that they destroy pathogens at high risk.”


Biosecurity experts stated that if any of these facilities in Ukraine were damaged as a result of the attacks, there would be a risk of exposure and spread of pathogens that could cause disease.

Ukraine has laboratories that research dangerous diseases that affect both animals and humans, including Covid-19, and are supported by the USA, the European Union (EU) and WHO.

Russian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Maria Zakharova claimed that the USA has a biological weapons laboratory in Ukraine. While these allegations were denied by the USA and Ukraine, the US government stated that Russia put forward an excuse to use its own chemical or biological weapons.

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