DÜNYA Kitap chose “The Best”

DÜNYA Kitap chose “The Best”

Copyright Book of the Year: Ülker Abla, Seray Şahiner

Translation Book of the Year: A Little Detail, by Adania Shibli,

Turkish: Prof. Dr. Mehmet Hakki Sucin

Publisher of the Year: Chronic Book

Corporate Publisher of the Year:

Zeytinburnu Municipality Cultural Publications

Business Brand Book of the Year: 1871-2021 Kuru Kahveci

150 Years of Mehmet Efendi Prisoners

Business Memoir of the Year: A Brand’s Story of Resistance,

Diren Goat, Aysen Zamanpur

Business International Book of the Year Award: Entrepreneurial State,

Mariana Mazzucato

Copyright Detective Book of the Year: Ecel Çiçekleri, Elçin Poyrazlar

Gastronomy Book of the Year: Sakarya Cuisine From Soil to Table,

A Food Anthropology, Kübra Sultan Yüzüncü Yıl ,

Aynülhayat Uybadin, Arif Bilgin, Suavi Aydın

Gastronomy Culture Labor Award: Ebru Baybara Demir

Gastronomy Jury Special Award: Ali Ekber Yıldırım

What else is in the WORLD Book?

Osman Arolat includes the book Struggle Against Inequality in his column. The book, which brings together the articles on inequality by 29 scientists under the editorship of Dani Lodrik and Olivier Blanchard, has been translated into Turkish by Abdullah Cemal Balcı. The 328-page book was released by Efil Publishing House, known for its value-creating books.

Handan Sema Ceylan, The “What to Read” column addresses its readers with a course from Johann Wolfgang von Goethe to Alain Delon to the unforgettable artist Ruhi Su. While quoting Goethe’s Das Veilchen-Violet Poem, he refers to the war in the north of the Black Sea through the Sevastopol March, which is also included in Ruhi Su’s album Ottoman Marches from Kalan Music. Ceylan also includes İhsan Oktay Anar’s book, Tiamat, published by Everest Publishing after 8 years.

Hakan Guldag, The Economy Library includes an interview with banker Ömer Aras about his newly released book Experiences, together with Vahap Munyar. In the interview, he said about his book, “I don’t explain myself in the book. We also learn that Aras, who we have always known as a banker, said, “I write about my experiences and the business and life principles I have learned from there,” and started his business life as a lecturer in the USA.

Mustafa Kemal ColakIn this month’s column called Bir Şehir Bir Kitap, a journalist’s article; He is writing about a book based on the story of Or-Gi Airport, which a newspaper kept on the agenda with its persistent news, which took 59 years to build. The book, signed by journalist Yalçın Şimşek, also includes the journalism approach of Ordu Olay Newspaper, which is headed by the good journalist Zeki Özel, who has been following the airport project for years with its news, columns and headlines, enabling it to be talked about again in the most forgotten times.

Faruk SuyunIn his column, “Kopuk Kopuk,” he covers the problems of the publishing world and shares his views on solution proposals with the public. We also learn from the corner that the number of books published in the Doğan Kardeş Books Series, which follows the footsteps of Doğan Kardeş magazine that left its mark on generations, has reached 1,100, and that the first Sabri Ülker Foundation Library has been opened in Adana.

Reflections from the Cultural Life Corner…

The new event of Yanköşe, the non-profit art platform of Kahve Dünyası, is hosted. Yanköşe presented the Origami Deer, which bears the signature of street artist No More Lies, to art lovers in Istanbul Kabataş in his latest work.

Kale Design and Art Center (KTSM) is hosting a new exhibition to raise awareness about the climate crisis. Artist Murat Germen’s ‘Global Warning’ photography exhibition can be visited at KTSM until April 30.

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