Developed Motorized Gaming Bed: Electric Gaming Bed BGB-100FA

Developed Motorized Gaming Bed: Electric Gaming Bed BGB-100FA

Bauhutte, which we know with its extraordinary player equipment, is a new platform for players who want to play games in their beds all day long. Electric Gaming Bed BGB-100FAIt was released in Japan. This bed provides motorized adjustment of back and leg support angles with a wired remote control.

The BGB-100FA basically looks like a simple looking bed but is powered by additional motors. However, the electric gaming bed looks more eye-catching in the promotional photos as Bauhutte has many other gaming equipment. You have the chance to place multiple monitors, a rotatable keyboard and mouse mechanism, various game storage components and even a mini fridge on the gaming table.

The Japanese brand launched its first player bed in 2022, but did not offer any new products afterward. The new motorized version, the BGB-100FA, looks like it will be much more comfortable for long gaming sessions. With the provided cable lift, users can adjust the back angle and leg support angle.

The bed is designed to allow for some manual adjustments. For example, you can adjust the feet to 13.8, 20.8 or 28.5 cm during assembly. You can also add other accessories to the bed, such as an adjustable headboard or bed table.

Bauhutte stated that her bed measures 94 x 199 x 13.8 to 28.5 cm (width x depth x height) and weighs 37.9 kg. There is a user weight limit of approximately 200 kg. The suggested price in Japan is 57,000 yen including taxes, which is equivalent to $460.

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