Bad news for the coronavirus outbreak from the World Health Organization

Bad news for the coronavirus outbreak from the World Health Organization

Sunday, March 13, 2022

in coronavirus Explaining that the World Health Organization continues to work on new variants, Prof. Dr. Şener said, “The thing we fear most in the last 1 year; It was a variant as lethal as Delta, as contagious as Omicron.” used the phrases.

Ministry of Health Coronavirus Scientific Committee Member Prof. Dr. Alper Şener drew attention to the fact that there is a rise in Asia Pacific again. Şener said, “In some countries of the European Union, especially from France, notifications regarding this issue have been received. “There could be a new variant called ‘Deltamicron’ or a complex variant of Delta and Omicron,” he said.

Istanbul Medical Chamber: More than 250 thousand deaths from coronavirus in Turkey

Izmir Katip Celebi University Atatürk Training and Research Hospital, Department of Infectious Diseases, Lecturer and Scientific Committee Member Prof. Dr. Alper Şener, reminding that the number of daily cases in Turkey has decreased, expressed that the world in general is not so lucky. Pointing out that there is a rise in Asia Pacific again, Prof. Dr. Şener said, “This is a concept like the combination of Omicron with Delta. In some countries of the European Union, especially France, notifications on this issue came. While new variants and mixed variants are on the agenda around the world, our citizens should make good use of the lucky atmosphere that Turkey lives in. You shouldn’t throw in the towel completely. Because the fight against the epidemic continues actively in the field, even if it is not already on the agenda. There is a decrease in the number of inpatients. There is a decrease in the number of patients in intensive care. The gradual decrease in the number of outpatient applications continues. But the epidemic has not ceased to be a serious threat to countries like us and the world in general,” he said.

Ankara is at the top… Here is the weekly coronavirus case map


Explaining that the World Health Organization continues to work on whether the combination of Delta and Omicron is a new variant, Prof. Dr. Şener said: “The World Health Organization has put this issue under surveillance. Because the thing we fear most in the last 1 year; It was as deadly as Delta, as contagious as Omicron. Although Omicron is mild, it causes a patient load in healthcare facilities due to the high number of patients. In Delta, Delta Plus, the lethality is high. That’s what was feared. There are some case reports from France. They reported that there is a variant that is a mixture of Delta and Omicron. The World Health Organization has monitored these variants or different combinations. If there is an increase or clustering in the estimated number of cases; there may be a new variant again, called ‘Deltamicron’ or the complex variant of Delta and Omicron. Viruses form a combination among themselves. BA.2 Omicron subtype is dominant in European Union countries. Especially the increase in the number of cases in the Netherlands, the partial fluctuation in Germany is attributed to this. For our country, currently BA.2 Omicron variant subtype, not named. But we still need to evaluate this relaxation period by keeping the vaccination on the agenda and warning about the third dose. It shouldn’t just turn into a state of relaxation on the pitch.”


Expressing that the steady decline in the number of daily cases in Turkey for the last two weeks, Prof. Dr. Şener stated that the number of deaths gradually decreased and said, “We expect it to decrease further in the coming weeks. It is gratifying that this decline continues. When we look at the 7-day and 3-day fluctuations across Turkey, we see that they are gradually decreasing. The potential for this process to continue is high. In order for it to go even lower, we need to complete our missing vaccinations and on the one hand, we must not compromise on measures such as masks, distance and hand hygiene. The mask has been removed from the agenda in the open area. We should interpret this as a secluded open space. The crowded open space is no different from the closed space. Kemeraltı in İzmir, İstiklal Street in İstanbul and Kızılay in Ankara are no different from closed areas. Because we have to be careful in cases where the distance is lost and the transmission distance is less than 1 meter. If we are not crowded around; We can take off our mask. In bilateral and tripartite meetings, it is necessary to stay in close contact with the vaccinated people and not to put the measures on the agenda,” he said.

132 deaths from Covid-19


Making evaluations about whether the pandemic will end or not, Prof. Dr. Şener also stated that the summer period should be evaluated well and said, “It is not possible to put the pandemic off the agenda without the rate of vaccination and exposure to the disease exceeding certain figures. In African countries, less than 1 percent of the population is still vaccinated. Even health workers could not be fully vaccinated due to the shortage of vaccine supply. In order to eliminate the alarm situation in the world, the leading countries in vaccine technologies should donate to these countries. Turkey seems to have come to a critical path in the supply chain with the discovery of Turkovac. Some of the African countries have made donations related to Turkovac.


This could be an opportunity for us to increase the recognition of the domestic vaccine in terms of epidemic control. There is controversy regarding the vaccination of the under 12-year-old population. Covid-19 The virus is deadly in the adult age group, but herd immunity is required for it to disappear from the society or to become an influenza (flu). With Omicron, that goal has risen. Nearly one hundred percent herd immunity target has emerged. This is not a real thing. Many countries have lifted extraordinary measures. The next summer period is important for evaluation. If other variants do not enter this new variant pool and if we keep the vaccination alive, I think this disease may fall from Turkey’s agenda in 2022.

123 more people died from coronavirus

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